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Recently we have heard a lot about celebrities such as Scarlett Johansson and Mark Ruffalo who have had their mobile devices and private accounts hacked by cybercriminals and their personal information exposed and misused.

Unfortunately for us, this sort of thing is not just reserved for Hollywood’s A-list. Cybercriminals are constantly on the lookout for new ways to breach your privacy settings which is why we need to take action and make sure our stuff is properly protected. After all, in a single year; 10% of adults online have experienced cybercrime on their mobile devices, yet only 16% of them install the most up to date mobile security.

We can make sure our stuff is properly protected by learning how to create more effective passwords – that is passwords that cannot be deciphered after a quick scroll through the ‘About me’ section of your Facebook or Twitter feed! If you have trouble remembering all passwords , Norton Identity Safe is a free and easy and more secure way to remember your user names and passwords. There are apps available for your iOS and Android mobile devices so you can easily and securely access your favourite websites on the move. Find out more at or you can also generate a stronger password at:

Most of us have been guilty of using lazy passwords and may be unaware of just how easily our security can be breached. Norton security expert David Hall shares his top 5 tips for making sure your password choice is truly secure. Take a look at the tips then take the Norton Password Protection Quiz to find out just how password protected you really are!


Top 5 tips for making sure your password is truly secure:

  1. Never reuse the same password on more than one site and don’t share a password with anyone
  2. Make sure your password uses a combination of letters, symbols and numbers
  3. Don’t use passwords or security questions that are obvious to anyone who follows you on social media
  4. Don’t use the ‘Remember my password’ option on your device and always log out of private pages after using them
  5. Go to to make sure you are using a password that is secure


Norton Quiz – Password Security

Question 1:
When building a password, do you use a combination of letters, symbols and numerals?

a.       Yes always (5 points)
b.      Some but not all (3 points)
c.       Never/ It’s not something I think about (1 point)


Question 2:
Do you use your birthday as your password?

a.       No, that’s too obvious! (5 points)
b.      Occasionally, for one or two of my passwords (3 points)
c.       Yes, then I know I won’t forget it! (1 points)


Question 3:
Could someone decipher your password simply by tracking you on social media?

a)      No, my passwords are random (5 points)
b)      Possibly, if they tracked closely (3 points)
c)       Yes, it wouldn’t be very hard (1 point)


Question 4:
How challenging would you rate your secret security question out of ten for someone who knows you?

a)      7-10 – No one could guess it (5 points)
b)      4 -7 – Only my close friends could answer it (3 points)
c)       1-3 – It’s pretty obvious (1 point)


Question 5:
Where do you store your passwords?

a)      In secure online vault (5 points)
b)      Only in my head (3 points)
c)       On a piece of paper at home (1 points)


Question 6:
Could your best friend crack your passwords?

a)      No way they’d never guess it (5 points)
b)      Maybe a couple of my passwords – I do try and keep them varied (3 points)
c)       Yes. They know me very well (1 point)


Question 7:
Circle any of the below password types that you have ever used:
(Start with 5 points; take one point away for each word you circle)

  • 123456
  • qwerty
  • password
  • Your pet’s name
  • Your own name
  • Your parents’ name
  • Your birthday


Question 8:
Do you use the same password for multiple accounts?

a)      No, they are all different (5 points)
b)      Yes, 1-2 maybe (3 points)
c)       Yes, all of them (1 point)


Question 9:
Do you make certain to log out of your secure pages / devices every time you finishing using them?

a)      Yes, always (5 points)
b)      Only if I remember (3 points)
c)       No, what is the point? (1 point)


Question 10:
Do you use software to protect your identity?

a)       Yes, I use a secure online vault that protects me from visiting unsafe sites and theft of passwords and other online credentials (5 points)
b)       I have identity protection software on some of my devices but not all (3 points)
c)        No, I think I can tell which sites are safe and which are not (1 point)



Score: 40 – 50

Congratulations! You are password protected. Your password force field would be so hard to break down; your own mother couldn’t crack your security codes! Norton has the perfect product for you and best of all it is free. Norton Identity Safe on PC or Android: one secure password to secure all your user names and passwords and warn you of dangerous and malicious sites. See more information here.

Score: 21 – 39

You know the importance of using strong passwords and you do your best to keep them as secure as possible. Unfortunately you are still vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Read more about the importance of staying cyber safe here.

Score: 1 – 20

Danger! Danger! You are at high risk of having your passwords hacked and your personal information at the mercy of cybercriminals. In just one year, 10% of Australians had their online accounts hacked or identity stolen. Don’t become a statistic. Start changing the way you password protect NOW! Read this blog post, and then get cracking!


Norton can now help you create a strong and secure encrypted password. Click here to access their secure password generator.

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