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Most Creative Chalk Art Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot by Redd Bullets – Joey Khor & Regine Seet

September 24, 2012 by Galvin Tan in Photography with 3 Comments

I’ve seen some great pre-wedding photo shoot but never have I come across such imaginative use of chalks in what I consider the most creative chalk art or chalk drawing pre-wedding photo shoot ever.

Joey and Regine are close friends of mine and I’m very happy that they are finally married. Joey and Regine’s wedding was not just simple ceremony, it’s a work of art on display. From the proposal to the pre-wedding photo shoot, everything was carefully planned and executed creatively by Joey and his friends. You see, Joey is a creative genius, and when he teams up with some of the most creative people in the industry, you’ll get to see some really artistic mix of creativity in their work. Just take a look at Joey and Regine’s absolutely gorgeous pre-wedding photos.


Like every pre-wedding shoot, Joey & Regine’s pre-wedding photo shoot is no simple task either. Joey and his creative friends spent two days to finish the shoot.  All the scenes are drawn spontaneously and it took an hour and a half to finish each scenes. Then to shoot each scene was about two hours – while the guys draw, the bride gets her make-up done. In total, they spent about 13 hours spread across two days just to finish the photo shoot. Check out this video as to see how they make this photo shoot possible.

Joey+Regine Prewedding Project from Boyd See on Vimeo.

Here’s a quick introduction of the rest of my creative friends…

Julian Oh is an artist, photographer and owner of Redd Bullets. He’s also wicked tattoo artist. You gotta check out some of his wicked tattoos and drawings here.

Angel Kay is a really talented song writer and music composer. As you can see, he’s also a talented artist too.

Joey Khor, the groom is a kickass creative director. He has won numerous awards for some of his visual arts that he created.

Boyd See is the person documenting all the behind-the-scene footages. He’s also behind this awesome video. And last but not least, the bride’s make up is by Kenny Yee of Makeup Miracle.


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