Cool G.I. Joe Costume Hoodies

If you’re a big fan of G.I. Joe as a kid and as a young adult, you’d definitely love these hoodies. Walk around town looking like Snake Eyes or even Storm Shadow from G.I. Joe with these hoodies from

The hoodies are unlike the conventional sweatshirts with hoods. It has zipper that zips up to the face which doubles as a ninja mask just like Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow from the movie G.I. Joe.

You can get these hoodies from $69.90 onwards and it is available in five sizes. Now I know what to get for the next Halloween party.

Check out the product pages here – Snake Eyes Hoodie ($69.99), Storm Shadow Hoodie ($69.99)


McAfee Founder Gone Into Hiding in Belize for Murder Charges

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John McAfee, the founder of computer security and anti-virus brand McAfee has gone into hiding as Belize Police is on the lookout for McAfee in an investigation for the murder of a neighbour.

The 67-year-old computer security pioneer contacted Wired Magazine contributing editor after his neighbour, 52-year-old Gregory Faull was found dead with a gunshot wound to his head in his Belize beachfront home. McAfee believes the Belize Police are trying to frame him for the murder of his neighbour.

McAfee made his fortune from building his trusted Anti-Virus brand and owns several businesses in Central America. According to the police, this is not the first time that McAfee, who has tattoos, a goatee and a hobby of collecting firearms, has gotten himself into trouble before. Police raided his premises earlier this year after he was accused of holding firearms, though many were found to be licensed.

McAfee have since been in hiding and also told the Wired Magazine editor that the Belize Police holds personal vendetta against him.

Surely, the Belize Police would have loved to get a copy of anti-virus software that can easily scan for John McAfee’s location as well. However, John McAfee no longer has any relationship with the software company, which has since been sold to Intel Corp.

[Source: The Star | LA Times]


U Mobile Announces Exciting New UMI 18 Prepaid Plan with Unlimited Internet Surfing, Free Calls and Free SMS

Perhaps another reason for consumers to celebrate is the announcement of U Mobile’s new UMI 18 Prepaid Plan. U Mobile Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s most dynamic and innovative telco, has broadened its exciting range of Prepaid offerings with the introduction of a new variation to its already popular Unlimited Mobile Internet (UMI) prepaid services.

At the price of RM18 per month, subscribers can now enjoy 250MB of data, 25 minutes of free calls to all networks and 25 free SMS to all networks. Officially launched during the 3G Network Activation Ceremony, the UMI 18 is especially designed for new smartphone users, teenagers and students who love to surf the internet, stay connected with their friends and families and stream their favourite music and videos.

The UMI 18 Prepaid Plan is also an ideal plan for foreigners and expats who are in the country for short visit or work. They can easily sign up for a UMI 18 prepaid plan and get connected immediately on their smartphones or even their mobile devices. Else they can event opt for the UMI 28 prepaid plan which offers 500MB data, 100 minutes of free calls 30 free SMS to all network at just the price of RM28 per month. Unbelievable!

As for us Malaysians, if you have a teenage kids, I would highly recommend you to get UMI 18 for them and it’s much more kind to your wallet. And if you’re a young adult just who wants to be seen with a smartphone and yet able to afford it, UMI 18 too is the prepaid plan go for.

U Mobile Activates 3G Network Expansion Across Peninsular Malaysia and into East Malaysia by 2013

Good news for Malaysians and U Mobile subscribers as the most dynamic and innovative telco in Malaysia has expended its 3G mobile network across Peninsular Malaysia and soon into East Malaysia by early 2013. This is made possible after an agreement between U Mobile Sdn Bhd and Maxis Berhad to share the latter’s 3G Radio Access Network (RAN).

From L to R: Bill Chang (Chief Corporate Planning Officer of U Mobile Sdn Bhd), Kenneth Chang (Directoof U Mobile Sdn Bhd), YBhg Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan (Chairman of U Mobile Sdn Bhd), En. Jaffa Sany Afiffin (CEO of U Mobile Sdn Bhd), Datuk Idris Abdullah (MCMC Commissioner) and Too Tian Jen (CTO of U Mobile Sdn Bhd)

I was invited to the official launch and activation of U Mobile’s 3G network in Berjaya Times Square and was really happy to witness this historical event. The activation of U Mobile 3G network represents a major milestone for the local telecommunication industry as it is the first such initiative in Asia.

I’m a U Mobile subscriber since 2011 and I’m really glad that the 3G network expansion is finally complete. Now I can have better 3G coverage all over Peninsula Malaysia on my U Mobile device. I was having difficulty getting 3G signal in along the North-South Expressway but now I can enjoy 3G coverage all the way up to Penang.

Currently, U Mobile has its own-built 3G network infrastructure in core cities within the central, northern and southern regions of Peninsular Malaysia covering the densely populated urban areas of the Klang Valley, Negeri Sembilan, Penang, Perak, and Johor. So there won’t be any 3G network congestion at all since it will be on U Mobile’s own network infrastructure.

Through the RAN sharing activation, U Mobile expands its 3G coverage to every state in Peninsula Malaysia, covering major cities and towns including Kangar, Alor Star, Kota Bahru, Kuantan, Kuala Terengganu, and Melaka. In selected area where 3G services are still being deployed, U Mobile subscribers can still continue to roam effortlessly on 2G coverage which is available via U Mobile’s 2G domestic roaming partnership with Maxis which is currently serving 95% of the population.

This partnership and sharing of 3G RAN is definitely beneficial to the consumers. With U Mobile’s competitive call and data plans, consumers will have more affordable plans for their mobile devices. Soon more consumers will get to enjoy such benefits as U Mobile’s provisional 3G network services to East Malaysia remains on schedule and will be launched in early 2013.

Also do check out U Mobile’s new and exciting ‘Connecting Lives’ campaign video.

Maxis iPhone 5 Promo Event Happening from 5-11 November as Listed on Mid Valley Megamall’s Website



Mid Valley Megamall may have accidentally listed Maxis’s iPhone 5 promo event on their website and was removed immediately after that. If this is for real, Maxis could be launching the iPhone 5 in Malaysia as early as next week. We call up Maxis Centre earlier today to verify this information but they deny of any knowledge of such event.

Tech Blog SoyaCincau reported this on their blog site today and the news may be very well be true, following a few job postings for iPhone 5 promoters listed on popular Jobs portal, If all of this is true, Malaysians should be able to get an official unit of the iPhone 5 as early as 12.01 am on 9 November 2012.

We’ve got a hunch that this could be it. If the dates are correct, Digi and Celcom too will probably start selling the iPhone 5 simultaneously.

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