Instagram Can Sell Your Photos Without Your Consent


Instagram is making their first major policy change since it was acquired by Facebook a couple of months ago and it is not exactly a good news for its 30 million registered users during this festive season.

So if you’re an Instagram user just like me, it’s time to consider shutting down your account because Instagram will is selling our photos uploaded to their platform without paying us a single cent.

Here’s an excerpt from, “Under the new policy, Facebook claims the perpetual right to license all public Instagram photos to companies or any other organization, including for advertising purposes, which would effectively transform the Web site into the world’s largest stock photo agency.”

Unbelievable, right? Well, read on.

If you continue to upload more photos after January 16, 2013 and then decided to quit and delete your account; you may have immediately granted Facebook irrevocable right to sell those images in perpetuity.

So, if I’m seriously considering deleting my Instagram account entirely, I will have to do it now. Or else, I will continue to upload photo like this…


Hey Instagram, you can sell this instead!

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