Maxis Opens Pre-registration for Long-Awaited iPhone 5

Just to be sure I’m not giving any false hope again, I’ve double checked with Maxis and Apple Malaysia this morning. Yes, we have confirmation that the iPhone 5 will be coming to Malaysia very very soon!

Maxis Berhad already launched its pre-registration site for the ever-elusive iPhone 5. So, expect to have the iPhone 5 as a Christmas present this year coz Santa Claus is going Ho Ho Hoooo-lioaa ah! So hurry up if and register your interest now.

Apple Malaysia also include the new iPhone 5 into their e-store but the price tag still remains unknown. Similarly, Digi and Celcom also include the ‘Coming Soon’ of iPhone 5 on their website. However, there isn’t any link for users to click and to register their interest.

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ILL BE THERE! what colour are u getting :P