Philips AquaTouch AT890 – There’s No Turning Back

January 8, 2013 by Galvin Tan in Lifestyle, Technology with 0 Comments

After spending 5 weeks with the new AquaTouch AT890 electric shaver, I’m glad that I finally found the right shaver for my skin. AquaTouch is more than just an electric shaver; it’s my personal grooming kit that I can bring along with me wherever I go. The Philips AquaTouch AT890 has changed my shaving style and makes it enjoyable to shave every morning.

There are many reasons I can tell you why I love the AquaTouch that much but I’m just gonna tell you the important ones for now.

Philips AquaTouch AT890

Wet Shave – Perhaps the most amazing experience about shaving with the AquaTouch AT890 is being able to shave in the shower. I love shaving while I’m in the shower because I get to do both things at once. And it’s definitely easier for me to rinse off and clean up myself and the shaver right inside the shower. The AquaTec technology allows the shaver to be used in wet and dry condition, and the QuickRinse system makes sure that your AquaTouch is always clean and ready to use any time.

Dry Shave – Before turning to Philips AquaTouch, I’ve tried shaving with conventional cartridge razor and boy, it was a painful experience. Dry shaving is quite impossible with any other conventional razors but it’s now possible for me since I got my hands on the AquaTouch shaver. Dry shaving allows you to shave when you’re on the go, most of the time when I’m stuck in traffic. With its Smooth Glide and Dual Blades, I get a smooth and cleaner shave even without shaving cream. Once you’re done, just put back the protective cap and store it your backpack or anywhere cool. Cleaning is required once you get access to water supply where you can just simply rinse it off under running water.

Battery Life – The AquaTouch AT890 gives me 50+ minutes of cordless shave and if it ever runs out of battery, a quick 3-minutes charge with give me enough power for single shave. Since I got my AquaTouch AT890 almost 5 weeks ago, I haven’t been charging it at all. That shows how much technology Philips has put into the AquaTouch to make consumer’s life easier.

There are plenty more reasons for the AquaTouch shaver but I will let you find out yourself. As for now, I’m glad I’ve got my AquaTouch AT890 and there’s no turning back for me.

Bye bye razor cuts, hello smooth clean shaves!

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