Metallica Live in Kuala Lumpur – 21 August 2013 (Updated)

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You’re here because you heard news about Metallica will be performing LIVE in Kuala Lumpur. Well, you’ve heard it right. News of Metallica LIVE in KL broke through on social networks today and many fans like me are getting all excited about it. Now this concert may not appeal to the younger crowd but it has got us, the mid-life crisis men all excited and ready to headbang all over again.

Yes, Metallica has confirm on their website that they will be performing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia before heading to our neighbour, Singapore. The concert is currently scheduled on the 21st August and they will be rocking up Stadium Merdeka by end of next month.

Metallica Live in KL
The Exclusive Ticket Launch will take place at Concourse @ Fahrenheit88 from 6 & 7 July – 11.30am to 9.00pm. So make sure you’re there early. But exclusively for my readers, I did somehow stumbled upon a pre-registration site here (not sure if it’s still active but you can give it a try… at your own risk!).

Here is the ticketing info:

From July 8th  10am onwards, ticket will be available at all Galaxy ticketing counters at Mid Valley, Sg Wang counter and Ticket Charge website

  • VIP Platinum (Free Standing) : RM 683
  • Gold (Free Standing) : RM 553
  • Silver (Free Standing) : RM 453
  • Purple (Free Seating – Covered) : RM 383
  • Orange (Free Seating) : RM 353
  • Green (Free Seating) : RM 193

Metallica Poster

I will be sharing more infos on online ticketing soon. Do check out this page from time to time.


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