A Whopping RM380 Million for McDonald’s ‘Minions’?

McDonald's Minions - Happy Meal

The Minions craze is sweeping across nation as the chase to collect ‘em all Minions are pretty much getting out of control. Singapore and Manila are suffering the same fate too.

These Minions, sold with every McDonald’s Happy Meal are being snapped up within hours and most McDonald’s outlets in the Klang Valley will be out of Minions before lunch time. Young adults would queue up from Wednesday night before a new set of Minions are available on Thursday morning.


This craze has gone to such extreme where Minions are being auction on eBay and the final bid for a set of Minions was at RM380,000,000. The bidding has since closed on July 17.  Only one question remains – if this turns out to be true, who in their right mind would pay RM380 million for a set of plastic toys?


[Source: MyLaunchPad]

Review: RED 2 (2013)

Red 2 - The Best Never Rest

Wine only gets better with age, that’s perhaps the best way to summarise this movie. For those who have watch “Red”, “Red 2” is definitely a must watch. Frank Moses is back again and this time teaming up with old friends and foes to save the world from a great disaster.

For those who haven’t watch “Red” before, I’d suggest you watch the movie first. Do bear in mind that “Red” simply stands for ‘Retired, Extremely Dangerous’, so do expect to see some old farts kicking some young punk a****s. “Red” is a fun action film with lots of banter and wit that underlines the fact that you’re not supposed to take the over the top action too seriously. Much like the movie “The Expendables”, these old, but gold actors and actresses are telling the world that they’ve still got it.

“Red” was originally a comic book miniseries by writer Warren Ellis and artist Cully Hamner about a retired black ops killer named Paul Moses, an over the hill former operative who had been done with the wetwork game for years, wishing only to be left alone to have a quiet life and to try and forget the awful things he had done for his country.

The Cast

RED 2 Cast

We have a star-studded lineup of older superstars such as Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Anthony Hopkins and the ever sexy Catherine Zeta-Jones. However, some younger and new stars like Mary-Louise Parker, Neal McDonough and Byung-hun Lee are kicking up some action too. You’d probably know Lee better as the Storm Shadow from “G.I. Joe: Retaliation”.


It’s an action-packed movie with non-stop car-chase, gun-firing, fist-fighting and bomb blasting throughout the show with occasional witty banters from the veterans. It is definitely and entertaining movie and worth every single cent for it.

A definitely must watch movie for 2013. I give it a rating of 4.0/5.0.

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