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Evolution Kit for Samsung Smart TVs

July 16, 2013 by Galvin Tan in Technology with 0 Comments

Samsung Evolution Kit for Smart TV

Few months back, I had the opportunity to review the Samsung ES8000 Smart TV right in my living room. It was definitely a great experience as it was my first time fooling around with a Smart TV.

With all the cool functions such as the hand gesture control with its SMART Interaction feature and cool contents from its SMART Content section, it’s pretty hard not to love the Samsung SMART TV. Perhaps the best part of the Samsung SMART TV is the SMART Evolution kit. Samsung’s SMART TVs are built with a proprietary system-on-chip technology – so the TV delivers an evolving TV, getting smarter and faster with the benefits of the latest TV technology, without having to purchase a brand new set every year.

So here’s the good news, Samsung has just announced its new Evolution Kit to preserve the value of your Samsung TV and extending their lifespan. This hand-sized kit offers consumers a way to stay up-to-date with the new technology. This Evolution Kit enables Samsung 2012 Smart TV (Series 7500 and above only) to evolve into the new Samsung 2013 Smart TV by inserting the Evolution Kit into a slot at the back of a Samsung Smart TV.

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The hardware enhancements will boost up memory and speed of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) of the Smart TV so that the consumers can enjoy faster speed like never before and multitask using several apps while watching TV. It upgrades the set’s dual-core to quad-core processor, resulting in faster internal processing speed. Additionally to that, Samsung Smart TV owners also get firmware updates from software enhancements to meet the hardware upgrades of the latest Samsung Smart TV.

The price for the Samsung Evolution Kit is at RM899.

For more information on Samsung Smart TV and Evolution Kit, please visit or Samsung Malaysia Facebook page

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