Pacific Rim: Know Your Jaegers

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Jaeger Sketches

After watching Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim, I’ve grown fond of those battle robots called Jaegers. From the movie, it seems that there were plenty of Jaegers built and destroyed during the epic battle between mankind and the invading alien monsters called Kaijus. However, there were five notable Jaegers that I would like to share with other fans.


Cherno Alpha (RUS)

Cherno Alpha Specs

Cherno Alpha is a Russian Jaeger. It is piloted by Aleksis Kaidonovsky and his wife Sasha Kaidonovsky.

As of now not much is known about this Jaeger. Cherno Alpha hails from Russia, and is one of the heaviest and best armored Jaegers.

Deployed with Crimson Typhoon in the battle of Hong Kong, Cherno engages an Otachi in combat when he is attacked by a Leatherback from behind, and at the same time, Striker Eureka runs to try and help, but Cherno is completely dismantled by the Kaiju duo before Eureka arrives.

Cherno Alpha Poster

Kaiju Killed Count: Six (6)


Coyote Tango (JPN)

Coyote Tango Specs

Coyote Tango is a Japanese Jaeger. It once was one of the oldest Jaeger’s in active duty before its recent retirement from combat.

Coyote Tango, piloted by Stacker Pentecost and his co-pilot Tasmin Sevier, defeated the Kaiju Onibaba in Tokyo. A battle witnessed time and again in flashbacks by one survivor, Mako Mori. After Tokyo events the Jaeger was finally retired.

Coyote Tango Poster

Kaiju Killed Count: Two (2)


Crimson Typhoon (CHN)

Crimsom Typhoon Schematics

Crimson Typhoon is a Chinese Mark-4 Jaeger piloted by the Wei triplets. It was launched in August 22, 2018.

Crimson Typhoon was first constructed underneath the Shatterdome located in Hong Kong to combat the Kaiju threat that invaded China.

Along with Striker Eureka and Cherno Alpha, Crimson Typhoon is dropped into Hong Kong by helicopter prior to the battle. He is seen to face off against an Otachi with his spinning claws. It is thought that it meets a similar fate to Cherno Alpha.

Crimson Typhoon Poster

Kaiju Killed Count: Seven (7)


Gipsy Danger (USA)

Gipsy Danger Specs

Gipsy Danger is an American Jaeger. As a Mark-3 Jaeger, it is one of the oldest mechs still in active service after Cherno Alpha.

Gipsy Danger is the last Jaeger to arrive on the scene at the battle of Hong Kong and proceeds to save Striker Eureka after it is disabled by an EMP burst from the Leatherback.[4] Gipsy Danger then proceeds to fight off both Leatherback and Otachi alone in the city. Raleigh is heard making an attack command called “Elbow Rocket”, where Gipsy Danger proceeds to deliver a rocket propelled punch to Leatherback using thrusters in the back of it’s elbow.

Gipsy Danger Poster

Kaiju Killed Count: Five (5)


Striker Eureka (AUS)

Striker Eureka Specs

Striker Eureka is an Australian-built Jaeger designed to defend the coastline of Australia from the Kaiju. It is stationed at the Sydney Shatterdome.

As a Mark-5, Striker Eureka is the latest model in the Jaeger Program. Holding the best stats of all currently deployed Jaegers as well as the highest kill count, Striker Eureka is the most powerful Jaeger currently being deployed in the field of combat against the Kaiju. The Australasian division of the PPDC invested a reported 100 Billion Australian Dollars into the creation of Striker to create the most powerful Jaeger on the planet.

Striker is initially piloted by Herc and Chuck Hansen. However, during the assault on the Breach, Stacker Pentecost replaces Herc for the mission after he is injured.

Striker Eureka Poster

Kaiju Killed Count: Eleven (11)




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