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Find the Right Workshop and Mechanic with Carama by Castrol

August 9, 2013 by Galvin Tan in Special, Technology with 1 Comment

Carama by Castrol

Finding a trustworthy and reliable car workshop or mechanic is like looking for perfect man or woman; it is most likely a rare occasion for some to find their perfect partner. The main problem why we look for a reliable mechanic it’s because we don’t know Jack about servicing our car at the first place.

Now I’ve been driving for the past 20 years and I’ve had several ‘Malaysia Boleh’ cars that frequently need ‘extreme’ tender loving care. Previously, I used to send my car to my father’s regular workshop and later on, I found my favourite workshop which is much more convenient to me. After the second trip, I got to know the mechanic much better but there’s always a lingering feeling that I’m being overcharged.

I got to admit that there are always questions of whether my mechanic is the best choice for my car or if I’m paying the right price. Perhaps the hardest decision is whether the particular repair is really needed. Well. It’s about time we all need solution to find a workshop that we can trust in terms of quality, skills and transparency in parts pricing. But I’m not the only person facing this problem and interesting enough, I found out these stats.

  • 63% of Malaysians find it difficult to find a trusted mechanic.
  • 68% of Malaysians refer to friends and family for their current mechanic.
  •  1/3 of Malaysians have high the likelihood to change their current mechanic.
  • 1/3 of Malaysians have more than 5 years old car.

Now I’ll admit that Carama has engaged me to help Malaysians to find a mechanic they can trust and I’m only doing this because I believe Carama is uniquely different and a solution that will benefit regular car owners who don’t know much about car maintenance and finding the right mechanic.

carama_logoCarama, which will be officially launching this month, is a web portal designed to act as a trusted source of information for consumers, with the convenience of a one-stop platform to make an informed decision. Car owners can now select workshops based on quality, specialization, convenience, recommendations from experts and/or reviews from fellow car owners. Now I am part of the team to help you find a trusted mechanic.

Carama has provided me with some safety tips that I feel will be worth sharing with you guys especially those who will be travelling back for Raya. It’s an 8-steps guide self-check to prepare you for any road trip.

Carama 8-steps Guide

So stay tuned for the launch of Carama later this month and do drive safe while you are returning to hometown!

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