Leaked Press Photo of iPhone 5C

Leaked press photo of iPhone 5C

As the date draws nearer to Sept 10, iPhone fans are getting pretty hyped up for the announcement of the new iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. With the latest leaked photo of the alleged iPhone 5C, I’m pretty confident to say that the budget iPhone is for real and iPhone fans can expect to see them sometime next month.

The leaked press photo of iPhone 5C is reported on numerous sites show the white plastic device with Apple’s iOS 7 running up front. The colourful iPhone 5C back housings are said to be made of scratch resistant material as in the video below suggest.

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Although we’re pretty much sure that the iPhone 5C is for real, I’m still rather excited and can’t wait for the announcement on September 10. If the price is right, I foresee soaring sales for this budget device.

[Source: GSMArena 1 & iCrackUriDevice]
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