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Electri-Fry Your Palate With The Newest Tefal ActiFry FZ7072

March 22, 2014 by Galvin Tan in Featured, Food, Technology with 1 Comment


Cooking is not exactly my strongest trait, although I cook occasionally at home but I’m no MasterChef yet. Cooking is fun, especially when you get to cook your favourite food and snacks. The simplest method of cooking is to fry everything and most of the time the food taste really good. Some people said that the tastiest food is the most sinful food, I couldn’t agree more.

Fried food and snacks are the easiest and quickest way to prepare a meal. Be it fried egg or French fries, fried food can easily lead to other bad health and coronary disease.  So it’s very important to eat right and cook right. Tefal, the world’s leading cookware and home appliances maker recently introduces its newest invention that makes modern days cooking much healthier and practical.

(L-R) Dino Goh, Kelvin Mow, & Chef Anis Nabilah giving thumbs up to the Tefal ActiFry

(L-R) AFC Nutritionist, Dino Goh, Kelvin Mow, MD of Groupe SEB & AFC Celebrity Chef Anis Nabilah giving the thumbs up to the Tefal ActiFry

That piece of cooking technology is the Tefal ActiFry FZ7072 electrical cooker. This highly-acclaimed appliance from France is the No. 1 cooker in Europe and Canada, and is said to provide a healthy and more convenient way to cook, giving tasty results, while preserving the nutrients inside the food. Now I have seen it in action and I’ve tried the food. Now I can’t tell how much nutrients are being preserved, but I’m pretty sure that the food that Chef Anis dished out was pretty good.

(L-R) Dino Goh & Chef Anis Nabilah tasting the food cooked by Tefals ActiFryCooking demonstration by AFC Nutritionist Dino Goh & AFC Celebrity Chef Anis Nabilah tasting the food cooked with Tefal ActiFry FZ7072

Just like the Phillips Air Fryer, Tefal ActiFry FZ7072 too uses hot air to cook the food evenly inside. Its pulsed hot air circulation system that produces an even hot air flow while cooking, enhances the taste of food, and preserves the vitamins and nutritional value, without drying out the natural flavour of the food.


Unlike conventional frying methods, the Tefal ActiFry FZ7072 is a natural and healthy solution for wholesome cooking as it uses lesser amount of cooking oil. The cooker comes with an ingenious ActiFry measurement spoon (14ml) that allows users to control the quantity of oil used in the cooking. Minimal oil is required as a spoonful of oil is enough to cook one kilogram of fresh French fries resulting in only 3% of fat. So this is how you can really enjoy guilt-free sinful fried snacks every now and then.

In addition to Tefal’s patented cutting –edge technology, the cook comes with an automatic stirring paddle for optimal dispense of oil and consistent cooking rotation enabling 100% hands-free cooking. The inner pot is made out of non-stick ceramic coating which allows the food ingredients to mix easily without getting stuck to the pot.

The cooker also comes with a snacking rack that helps to scoop the food out, and enables excess oil to drain off easily before serving. The cooker has a built-in 60-minute digital timer that beeps at the end of the cooking to let you know when the food is ready and to prevent the food from overcooking and burning. Furthermore, the transparent lid allows easy monitoring of the cooking process and all parts are removable and dishwasher safe. This will make it so much easier for most men who hate cleaning up after cooking up storm in the kitchen.

So if you’re ready to stick to good eating habits and a healthier lifestyle, perhaps it’s time for you to consider the Tefal ActiFry FZ7072. There’s nothing more important than enjoying your life to the fullest with all the great tasting food you can eat. But do it smart with Tefal ActiFry for a change.


The Tefal ActiFry FZ7072 is now available in main departmental stores and electrical specialists at the retail price of RM999. For more information on Tefal ActiFry, please visit


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