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Get Your Own Cloud Server with WD My Cloud and WD My Cloud EX 2

March 13, 2014 by Galvin Tan in Featured, Technology with 0 Comments


If you’re considering the thought of getting a backup server, why not consider getting a cloud server of your own? Although there are a number of free cloud services available such as iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, GDrive and Tresorit, there’s always the issue with limited storage space and having to pay hefty price to get that extra storage. But with WD My Cloud, you can now own a piece of Cloud for yourself… literally.


WD recently introduces its WD My Cloud WD and WD My Cloud EX2 personal drive cloud storage which provide a complete solution for user to organize, centralize and secure my digital content from all of my computers and mobile devices and access their files from any devices connected to the Internet. Following the success of its WD MY Cloud EX4, the introduction of the single drive WD MY Cloud and the 2-Bay WD My Cloud EX2 system are perfect alternative solutions for users that want an easy, less complicated and private way to store all their digital content.

Now I’ve been a strong advocate of proper storage solution in my previous organisation I’ve worked with, simply because I stress on the importance to keep our digital assets safe and secure for years and hopefully decades to come. Whether it’s a simple portable hard drive or something slightly more complicated like a Network Area Storage (NAS), getting a suitable and reliable storage solution is a must for everyone from this generation – and cloud storage solution is definitely right way to go.

Single Drive WD My Cloud™

Now the single drive WD My Cloud™ is a personal cloud solution for families and even individuals who are connecting, sharing, syncing and backing up numerous mobile devices and computers in their household. And by taking away the complex issue of organizing digital files from various devices and platforms, WD My Cloud provides the perfect storage solution for wherever you are, whenever you want and on whatever devices you have.


Do note that the WD My Cloud is design with the non tech-savvy consumers in mind, streamlining the setup and backup features with just a few clicks of a button. Back up your digital photos from your smart devices and your computer is as easy as a touch of a button. Well, it’s not exactly just a single touch but you get what I mean.

Since WD My Cloud is a drive that sits in your home and connected to your local network, this gives consumer like us complete control of organizing our digital files and also serves as a home’s digital entertainment hub, able to store and stream terabytes of movies and music simultaneously. These media files can be streamed to any DLNA certified multimedia device, or in this case, any Smart TV which is connected to your local network.

The WD My Cloud personal cloud storage comes in the capacities of 2TB, 3TB, and 4TB and it’s compatible with Windows® 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista®, Windows XP, OS X Mountain Lion™, LION®, Snow Leopard®, as well as DLNA®/UPnP enabled devices. It works well with Linux OS too if you’re on one of those, much affordable Open Source PC or notebook.

The WD My Cloud personal cloud is retailing at RM499 for 2TB, RM649 for 3TB and RM799 for 4TB, which I feel is a reasonable price to invest since a 2TB hard disk drive alone cost more than half of what you’re paying for… and it’s without the sophisticated and cool casing.

2-Bay WD My Cloud EX2

Just like WD My Cloud, the WD My Cloud EX2 is too a cloud storage, the only difference is, it’s a 2-bay system and most suitable for prosumers. Just like its big brother, the WD My Cloud EX4, the EX2 provides several higher capacity options (than single-drive WD My Cloud) for consumers to choose from, including 4TB, 6TB and 8TB capacities. The 2-bay system allows consumers to start off with a single drive and later on expand its storage capacity by adding yet another drive. If you’re wondering what sort of hard drive to use, WD recommends the WD Red® hard drives which are specially created for ultimate reliability in a unique 24×7 NAS operating environment. You can read more about WD Red® hard drives here.


The WD My Cloud EX2 shares similar features with WD My Cloud, users can store and stream videos and photos connected to TVs, media players, gaming consoles and other DLNA®/UPnP devices. It also includes advanced data serving options including an integrated file server, FTP server, backup server, and P2P download server. Well, you can pretty much be a smaller scale Pirate Bay site. Additionally to that, consumers can download and run a host of third party apps, including some Content Management Systems (CMS) and some free open source applications.

The WD My Cloud EX2 is retailing at RM1159 for 4TB, RM1459 for 6TB, and RM1959 for 8TB which comes with a two year limited warranty.

Both WD My Cloud and WD My Cloud EX2 are available at selected retailers and are distributed by Amble Action Sdn Bhd and Eternal Asia (M) Sdn Bhd in Malaysia. So make sure you get them from the right distributor.

The WD My Cloud mobile app is also available for download for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play.


[Photos courtesy of WD Malaysia]

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