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Logitech launches X300 wireless speaker – Also spread joy with AnyAngle, Hinge and Type+ iPad casings

December 19, 2014 by Galvin Tan in Technology with 0 Comments

Logitech X300 Wireless Speaker - Bag

The Logitech X300 may look like a desktop alarm clock but it’s not. Yes it has speakers and buttons but it does more than just waking you up in the morning. The Logitech® X300 Mobile Wireless Stereo Speaker is a wireless speaker designed for mobility and it’s their latest product to hit Malaysian shores.

The X300 weighs around 355 gram and is engineered for wide-range sound; the speakers are specially angled for a more expansive sound spectrum. You can connect and play music from any Bluetooth®-enabled device, and enjoy up to five hours of continuous play without recharging, giving you a mobile theater sound experience.

Logitech X300 Wireless Speaker Oct 20th (1) (1)

The X300 is also a great for conference calls, with a built-in microphone, the X300 is a great companion for travelling business man and it supports all Android, Windows Phone and iOS smartphones, tablets and other devices that support Bluetooth wireless audio profile.

The X300 is currently available in all authorised resellers nationwide at the retail price of RM259.

Also launch this month are some of the coolest mobility products from Logitech – AnyAngle™, Hinge™ and Type+™ iPad casings.


Logitech AnyAngle

AnyAngle10 AnyAngle10_b AnyAngle10_c AnyAngle10_d

The Logitech AnyAngle is a protective case for your iPad Air 2 and all models of the iPad mini that firmly holds your iPad at any angle within a 50-degree viewing range. It has an adjustable any-angle stand that uses a hidden hinge and magnetic system, so you keep a comfortable viewing angle, no matter what you do. Plus, the Logitech AnyAngle comes in a variety of color combinations, designed to suit your style. So whether you prefer a sophisticated, classic black or want to make a statement with violet or teal, we have your unique look covered.

The Logitech AnyAngle is available in all authorized resellers nationwide at the retail price of RM189.

Logitech Hinge


The Logitech Hinge is a flexible case with a smooth-gliding hinge that firmly holds your iPad in any viewing angle within a 50-degree range. Regardless of where you are and what you’re doing with your iPad – watching movies with your family, mastering that difficult yoga pose or learning a new song on your guitar – this case has a comfortable viewing angle.

The Logitech® Hinge is especially made for iPad Air, iPad mini and iPad mini 2 with Retina® display. It is also available in all authorized resellers nationwide for the retail price of RM159.

Logitech Type+


The Logitech Type+ is the all-in-one case providing protection and an integrated keyboard for your iPad Air 2. It leverages the popular thin and light, two-sided protective case from its predecessor, and has a recently-optimized Bluetooth keyboard that is designed to replicate the typing experience of your laptop, so you can smoothly transition from one device to another without losing speed or accuracy. When in the typing position, the iPad screen magnetically attaches directly above the keyboard, keeping the screen right at your fingertips for easy navigation.

I’m particularly impressed with the long battery life for the Type+. On a single charge, the Type+ keyboard can last till 3 months, of course with an average usage of 2 hours a day. Even if last less than 3 months, any mobile electronic devices that last more than 1 month is consider very impressive.

The Logitech Type+ is designed specifically for the Apple iPad Air 2 and it is available now at the retail price of RM329.

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