Deactivate Your Voicemail and Help Lower Down Phone Bills


Now here’s something I just discovered. Perhaps I’m a bit way slow on this matter but I’m quite sure many people are not aware this. Nobody told me this before so that’s why I’m getting charged every time I make a call but gets the voicemail. The thing is, I’m not alone. Many mobile users are paying extra just because somebody else had their voicemail activated!

I’m a Maxis Post-Plan subscriber and I recently discovered that I’m paying extra for my phone usage just because I make calls but I get the voicemail instead. For every voicemail I get trying to call another Maxis line, I get charged 6 cents (RM0.06). For every voicemail I get trying to call another person on different network, I get charged 9 cents (RM0.09).


Just last month alone, I make 187 calls and around 50 calls are getting the voicemail of the person I called. Out of the 50 voicemail calls I made, 19 calls are Domestic Maxis-to-Maxis voice calls (total RM1.14) and 31 calls are Domestic Maxis-to-Non Maxis voice calls (total RM2.79). It adds up to RM5.00 a month and RM60.00 a year of useless calls to the voicemail which I hardly leave any voice message behind! Yeah, it may not seem a lot but every cents count specially with the rising cost of living in Malaysia.

Now this voicemail charges do not just apply just to Maxis users, but to all telcos – we’re talking about Maxis, Celcom, DiGi, U Mobile and etc. So whether you’re a Maxis, Celcom, DiGi or U Mobile subscriber, PLEASE DEACTIVATE YOUR VOICEMAIL from today onwards if you don’t need it. I know the service is free for you to activate, but how often do you check your voicemail nowadays?


You can always deactivate your voicemail but you can’t tell everyone else to do the same. However, you can still save yourself from paying extra and avoid getting the voicemail whenever you’re making a phone call. Here’s how:

1)      When making a phone call, hang up after the fourth ring tone. If nobody picks up by then, call back again and do the same until somebody picks up the phone. If still nobody is picking your call after the 3 attempt calling, most probably they are not available. Call them back later.

2)      When you get a CALLER RING TONE instead (music ringtone) and you can’t tell how many times the phone rang, just count to 4 seconds upon hearing the music ring tone. This is to avoid getting the voicemail after the fifth ring tone (usually 4-5 seconds).

If you still have your voicemail activated, for goodness sake please get it deactivated immediately if you really don’t need. If you’re not sure whether you have a voicemail or not, just give your telco a call and find out. It is that simple.

Maxis Introduces Latest Postpaid Plans for Galaxy Note 3 – FREE Gear for MOC Customers


Maxis Berhad finally unveils the latest postpaid plans for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 today during the global launch of Samsung’s latest Note series device. The promo from Maxis may be later than the rest but it’s also pretty tempting to both new and existing users.

For this launch, Maxis unveils three attractive plans strictly for the Galaxy Note 3 promo.  The plans are TalkMore78™ + 3GB Internet, TalkMore78™ + 1GB Internet and SurfMore75™.

The lowest price plan would be the SurfMore75™, it requires a monthly commitment of RM75 over 24-month contract and you can get the device for as low as RM1, 599.

The intermediate plan is the TalkMore78™ which requires a monthly commitment of RM126 over 24-month contract and the device price is RM1, 399. This plan comes with 1GB of Internet data usage.

And for the premium plan, the TalkMore78™ requires a monthly commitment of RM146 over 24 months contract and the device is yours for only RM1, 199. However, this plan comes with 3GB of Internet data usage. So the phone price for this plan is definitely way much cheaper if you compare with the rest.

Both plans require an advance payment of RM600 for 24-month contracts. This advance payment will be credited into your monthly bill over a 5-month period.

Even greater news for Maxis One Club (MOC) member. Maxis is giving away the Samsung Gear FOR FREE to the 1st 800 MOC customers nationwide!


So if you’re ready to get your brand new Galaxy Note 3 from Maxis, head on down to their nearest Maxis Center now:

Maxis Opens Pre-registration for Long-Awaited iPhone 5

Just to be sure I’m not giving any false hope again, I’ve double checked with Maxis and Apple Malaysia this morning. Yes, we have confirmation that the iPhone 5 will be coming to Malaysia very very soon!

Maxis Berhad already launched its pre-registration site for the ever-elusive iPhone 5. So, expect to have the iPhone 5 as a Christmas present this year coz Santa Claus is going Ho Ho Hoooo-lioaa ah! So hurry up if and register your interest now.

Apple Malaysia also include the new iPhone 5 into their e-store but the price tag still remains unknown. Similarly, Digi and Celcom also include the ‘Coming Soon’ of iPhone 5 on their website. However, there isn’t any link for users to click and to register their interest.

U Mobile Activates 3G Network Expansion Across Peninsular Malaysia and into East Malaysia by 2013

Good news for Malaysians and U Mobile subscribers as the most dynamic and innovative telco in Malaysia has expended its 3G mobile network across Peninsular Malaysia and soon into East Malaysia by early 2013. This is made possible after an agreement between U Mobile Sdn Bhd and Maxis Berhad to share the latter’s 3G Radio Access Network (RAN).

From L to R: Bill Chang (Chief Corporate Planning Officer of U Mobile Sdn Bhd), Kenneth Chang (Directoof U Mobile Sdn Bhd), YBhg Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan (Chairman of U Mobile Sdn Bhd), En. Jaffa Sany Afiffin (CEO of U Mobile Sdn Bhd), Datuk Idris Abdullah (MCMC Commissioner) and Too Tian Jen (CTO of U Mobile Sdn Bhd)

I was invited to the official launch and activation of U Mobile’s 3G network in Berjaya Times Square and was really happy to witness this historical event. The activation of U Mobile 3G network represents a major milestone for the local telecommunication industry as it is the first such initiative in Asia.

I’m a U Mobile subscriber since 2011 and I’m really glad that the 3G network expansion is finally complete. Now I can have better 3G coverage all over Peninsula Malaysia on my U Mobile device. I was having difficulty getting 3G signal in along the North-South Expressway but now I can enjoy 3G coverage all the way up to Penang.

Currently, U Mobile has its own-built 3G network infrastructure in core cities within the central, northern and southern regions of Peninsular Malaysia covering the densely populated urban areas of the Klang Valley, Negeri Sembilan, Penang, Perak, and Johor. So there won’t be any 3G network congestion at all since it will be on U Mobile’s own network infrastructure.

Through the RAN sharing activation, U Mobile expands its 3G coverage to every state in Peninsula Malaysia, covering major cities and towns including Kangar, Alor Star, Kota Bahru, Kuantan, Kuala Terengganu, and Melaka. In selected area where 3G services are still being deployed, U Mobile subscribers can still continue to roam effortlessly on 2G coverage which is available via U Mobile’s 2G domestic roaming partnership with Maxis which is currently serving 95% of the population.

This partnership and sharing of 3G RAN is definitely beneficial to the consumers. With U Mobile’s competitive call and data plans, consumers will have more affordable plans for their mobile devices. Soon more consumers will get to enjoy such benefits as U Mobile’s provisional 3G network services to East Malaysia remains on schedule and will be launched in early 2013.

Also do check out U Mobile’s new and exciting ‘Connecting Lives’ campaign video.

Maxis iPhone 5 Promo Event Happening from 5-11 November as Listed on Mid Valley Megamall’s Website



Mid Valley Megamall may have accidentally listed Maxis’s iPhone 5 promo event on their website and was removed immediately after that. If this is for real, Maxis could be launching the iPhone 5 in Malaysia as early as next week. We call up Maxis Centre earlier today to verify this information but they deny of any knowledge of such event.

Tech Blog SoyaCincau reported this on their blog site today and the news may be very well be true, following a few job postings for iPhone 5 promoters listed on popular Jobs portal, If all of this is true, Malaysians should be able to get an official unit of the iPhone 5 as early as 12.01 am on 9 November 2012.

We’ve got a hunch that this could be it. If the dates are correct, Digi and Celcom too will probably start selling the iPhone 5 simultaneously.


FYI, iPhone 5 will be available in Malaysia on October 26 – Nano SIM Cards are available in Malaysia now.

Many of my friends and readers are still asking when the iPhone 5 will make its way to Malaysia. Well, Apple website has already revealed that the iPhone 5 will be available in October and as of the official date in Malaysia, it will be on October 26 – at least that’s what our local news is reporting.

Maxis Berhad and DiGi have already begin to offer Nano SIM cards to their customers. The Nano SIM is almost a quarter size of a normal SIM card and iPhone 5 is the first smartphone to introduce the use of Nano SIM in Malaysia.

According to Maxis Berhad, a Nano SIM costs RM25 and it was made available since September 24 at Maxis centers in KLCC, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Sunway Pyramid and The Gardens Mall in the Klang Valley, Queensbay Mall in Penang and Danga Bay in Johor Bahru.

DiGi too has announced of the offering of Nano SIM since 26 September. The Nano SIM will be FREE for new DG Smart Plan and DG Postpaid Plus sign ups.  And for existing customers, it will cost RM20 fee for a swap to the new Nano SIM. The Nano SIMs will be available across 250 DiGi outlets nationwide by early October 2012.


More weird calls from unknown numbers

Couple of weeks ago, I received numerous phone calls from an unknown number.  I’ve reported this matter to Maxis and they’ve confirmed that nothing was being charged to my bill. It stopped ever since.

On Monday night, I received many unknown calls and they are not from the same number from previous incident. These 12-digit numbers have got a +1160 prefix and every call was a different number.

When I answered the first call, I was expecting to hear a voice on the other end but instead I heard dialing tones. I can tell that it’s those tones when I’m making an international call so after the fifth tone, I cut off the line and went for shower.

When I was in the shower, I had few more missed calls from the same +1160 prefix. When the next call came and I answered it immediately – as expected, it’s a dialing tone again and after a while, voice of an elderly lady spoke on the other end of the line.

At first I couldn’t make out anything she was trying to say but after a while, I realized she was speaking in mandarin and was asking who I’m looking for. Baffled by her question, I told her off and said that she was the one calling me. I knew the conversation was going anywhere so I hung up.

After that, I’ve got a few more calls before I knocked off.

The next day, I sent a tweet to Maxis’s social media customer service and they called me in the evening. They told me the numbers are from Canada and they can’t exactly track who called me. I was also advised to make a report to the police if I find these calls harassing and annoying. Once again, I’m pleased to know that I’m not being billed for any of these rogue calls.

Last night, it happened again and I ignored every call.  I just hope that these calls have got nothing to do with it coincidentally occurring during the Hungry Ghost month.

Are you getting calls from +85215890000?


During dinner time, I received a phone call from an unidentified number. Well, the number is visible on my call ID but I just have no idea who is it from.

Thinking it could be from an overseas friend, I picked up the call only to hear crackling sound before it got cut off. Minutes later the same number called and when I picked it up it put me to a voicemail.

Thinking that I could be billed for it I quickly cut off the line. I felt uneasy about the call so I google it up.

A list of reversed-phone call websites came up and I found that many others from around the world are getting calls from this number too.

According to a forum, it’s a scam call which originated from Hong Kong. Apparently some lottery agent offering some service by asking for advance payment. So I called the good people from Maxis just to make sure I’m not being billed and thank goodness I wasn’t.

So the next time you see this +852 1589 0000 number calling. IGNORE IT or just hit the cancel button!

Maxis iPhone 4 Launch in Malaysia

The whole buzz about the iPhone 4 and when it’s reaching Malaysian shore has come to an end. That’s because the iPhone 4 is already in Malaysia and Maxis will have their official launch for the iPhone 4 tonight.

I am as excited as everyone else who have waited long for the iPhone 4 to be launched by Maxis Berhad. In conjunction with this launch, Maxis will be hosting an “invitation only” event that features a truly interactive programme that brings out the very best of the iPhone 4 experience.

If you didn’t get an invite, do not despair. Watch this space as I will be updating live from the launch event.


10.15pm – Now at the Gardens Hotel ballroom. Long queue outside the ballroom.

10.30pm – Now inside the ballroom, priority customers who have pre-booked their iPhone 4 earlier. All 60 lucky people will be owning an iPhone 4 tonite!

11.42pm – The crowd is building up, pre-booked customers are filling up the hall.

12.00amer – iPhone 4 is officially launched by Maxis!

12.05am – Photo opp with all the first 60 customers to get their pre-booked iPhone 4.

12.20am – Press conference now. Speech by CEO.

12.21am – Maxis 10 Reviewers get grand ceremony. 10 bloggers get a chance to review the new iPhone 4 from Maxis.

12.30am – Two lucky ppl from Media walks away with a brand new iPhone 4!!!

12.36am – Q&A session. Antenna issue and waiting period being questioned. Maxis confirms Antenna problem solved and will try to meet Maxis customer’s demand for the iPhone 4.

12.58am – Maxis CEO keen of bringing in iPad and put in request to get iPad but no confirmation yet.

01.00am – End of Q&A

DiGi launched their iPhone 4 packages 6 hours before Maxis did. Many did comparison and the summary is, Maxis gives the best price for iPhone 4 with higher monthly commitments and DiGi provides a much affordable monthly commitment but higher price for the iPhone 4.

I personally looking for an iPhone 4 only right now. So given the choice, I will stick with Maxis for iPhone 4.

You can view Maxis iPhone 4 rates plans here.


Open Letter To Maxis Berhad

Dear Maxis,

My name is Galvin Tan and I wish to make an official complaint. I’ve been a Maxis Mobile subscriber for more than a decade now and choose to be with Maxis because I believe that your good company is the better telecommunication company and offers the best coverage. I’ve been a strong supporter of Maxis for the longest time; however my loyalty is running thin.

I’ve made a complaint via your Social Media channel ( few months back. I’ve expressed my dismay for getting low and sometimes even no signal at around Sunway area. Your customer service did follow up and explained to me that Maxis network is having some technical problem over that area. A few months later, signal strength over at Sunway area is back to high and everything seems well until recently.

I’ve been having difficulty accessing the Internet via Maxis 3G whenever I’m over at Sunway Pyramid. Sometimes, I can’t get any signal for 3G at all and when I do get a 3G signal, I can’t connect. I’m a social media addict and I tweet a lot wherever I go.

Above is a photo taken just last night which clearly shows that I couldn’t connect to the Internet even when I have 3G signal. I was right in front of J.Co Donuts Sunway Pyramid at that time.

What really pissed me off is when I’m unable to get any signal whenever I’m at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach. I’ve attended 4 concerts at Sunway Lagoon over the period of less than a year and all of them I have had problem with connections.

First concert was back in August 2009 when MTV World Stage made its first debut in Malaysia. Arthur’s Day was next in September 2009. Initially, I thought it was my phone that was giving me problem but soon I realized that such problems only happen when I’m around Sunway Pyramid and Sunway Lagoon.

Just last week, I attended the 2nd MTV World Stage at Surf Beach again and I was quite sure I won’t be getting any signal problem again after my initial complaint. However, I was wrong and disappointed yet again.

What blew my lid off is when I’m having the same problem again last night at the Slash Live in KL concert. At first I was having difficulty connecting to the Internet just right in front of Sunway Lagoon entrance but when I’m on the Surf Beach, there’s totally no signal at all!

I’m still okay if I can’t tweet but not getting any signal at all it totally ridiculous… especially when there’s a Maxis Centre just right inside of Sunway Pyramid!

After the concert, we decided to grab some dinner over at Kim Gary Sunway Pyramid. I’m sure you guess what happened next? Yes, I couldn’t connect to Twitter, the Internet via browser despite having 3G coverage there.

Please Maxis, don’t make me change my mind.  The thought of changing network did linger in my mind but my loyalty is what keeping me off from doing so.

I hope that this problem can be rectified as soon as possible so I can be proud to be a Maxis user wherever I am in Malaysia.

Your Sincerely,

Galvin Tan

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