What Makes You A Photographer?

What really amazes me is the increasing trend of teenagers carrying/owning a DLSR camera. Gone were the days when SLR cameras are for the member of the photography elites and usually cost at least 3 months of your paycheck.

Just a decade ago, Nikon and Canon are the epitome of all camera brands and owning one of them would consider you to be with the likes of Alfred Eisenstaedt and Steve McCurry. But with DSLR camera being more affordable and accessible to the public, EVERYONE owns at least one of them.

I’ve been a Canon fan since I had my first EOS 500. Back then, photography is a very expensive hobby. As a student, one can easily spend up to a hundred ringgit a week (Yes, a hundred ringgit is a lot of money for a student back then). At some point of my life, I’ve even consider quitting photography until I had my first DLSR. Even so, I’ve never see myself being a professional photographer.

So, what makes you a photographer?

Is he/she someone who takes photo for a news agency? Or is he/she someone who owns a studio with all the fancy studio lightings? Perhaps it’s the camera and the abundance of camera gears packed is his/her camera bag?

Now anyone with a DSLR camera can take ‘professional-like’ photographs too. With the right photoshop skill, any photo can become a masterpiece.

So tell me, how can one be considered a photographer?

I hate to say this but owning a DLSR camera does not automatically qualify you as a photographer. It only makes you a camera owner. *smiles*

Pre-wedding photo shoot

You can never ever be prepared for a day like this. No matter how many times you practise your smiles in front of the mirror, how many months you go on a diet, and how many more hours you have to sleep to get rid of the eye bags, you’ll just never be ready this moment. Trust me.

Pre-wedding photo shoots are not for everyone. First of all, it’s seriously damn tiring. Then you’re asked to twist and turn your body and your neck to a position you never imagine could. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever twisted my neck so many times in my entire adult life.

Pre-wedding photo shoot
Pre-wedding photo shoot: Jhun positioning us for the camera.

We took up a package with Redsense from Loke Yew during a wedding expo in Midvalley some time ago. They are pretty professional, is rather decent place charging quite a decent price.

Our photographer, Jhun don’t converse in English very well and thought that he might have a problem with us especially when we don’t speak good mandarin as well too. But we found out later that Jhun  too was from BM and speaks hokkien as well. So it was quite easy telling him what we want after that. However, it was not as easy doing what he wants us to do.

The indoor shoots took quite a while till late afternoon. By the time we’re done, it was raining cats and dogs out side. So, we had to postponed out outdoor shoot to the next weekend.

I think I will enjoy the next outdoor  session as I will be in casual wear. No matter what, I’m glad that I did this. I’ll be damn if I let go of this opportunity… Julea looks stunning.

My wife Julea. Isn't she hot? :)
My wife Julea. Isn’t she hot? :)

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