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More weird calls from unknown numbers

More weird calls from unknown numbers

Couple of weeks ago, I received numerous phone calls from an unknown number.  I’ve reported this matter to Maxis and they’ve..

August 3, 2011 with 0 Comments
Are you getting calls from +85215890000?

Are you getting calls from +85215890000?

During dinner time, I received a phone call from an unidentified number. Well, the number is visible on my call ID but I just have no idea..

July 20, 2011 with 12 Comments

Fooling Around With A “Wowozela” (Vuvuzela)

The World Cup may be over but the spirit of World Cup still lingers around. Today I bought a washing machine hose and discover a way to..

July 14, 2010 with 6 Comments

Best Car Alarm System

Every morning I’m rudely awakened by my idiotic neighbour with their house alarm system. Problem with them is their maid keeps..

September 13, 2007 with 5 Comments

First back seat SRS Airbags in Malaysia

Over the last few years, the installation of airbags in new cars has become more common with most manufacturers now fitting at least a..

October 3, 2006 with 2 Comments
The famous KY of

The famous KY of

This is KY. KY is my friend from quite some time ago and now he’s in my chow ah beng clan. KY and Terry here are teammates who pwned..

September 12, 2006 with 20 Comments
New Croc Hunter named?

New Croc Hunter named?

OMG, less than a day and already they named a new Croc Hunter!!?? That’s what I was thinking last nite when Julea told me over the..

September 5, 2006 with 4 Comments
The Korean Clock Lady

The Korean Clock Lady

Here’s something I got over the Internet quite sometime ago. It’s yet one of those phone pranks that you pull one someone. But..

March 28, 2006 with 30 Comments
The Twins And Their Moronic Uncle.

The Twins And Their Moronic Uncle.

A eight month old pregnant lady met an accident and was admitted to hospital in a coma. She woke up 2 months later and found herself lying..

August 2, 2005 with 0 Comments
Bird Of True Love

Bird Of True Love

If Dove is a bird of LOVE and PEACE. What is the bird of TRUE LOVE?

August 1, 2005 with 4 Comments
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