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There’s a recent post regarding a blogger being asked to release his domain, which he claims that he owned the domain for..

June 30, 2005 with 6 Comments

It’s not a koi pond! KY’s fake plan revealed!

For the past few weeks, many have known about KY and his plan to build his Koi Pond project at his home. But what you may not know is that..

June 28, 2005 with 16 Comments

Melbourne Shuffle vs. Five Knuckle Shuffle

For a guy who haven’t frequent the club scene or even rave parties for quite sometime, I just don’t understand why so many..

June 28, 2005 with 20 Comments

I wanna tah pau you!

I’m very sure that the word ‘tah pau‘ is a very common in today’s world. ‘Tah pau’ simply means ‘to..

June 27, 2005 with 15 Comments

I F*cked My Right Arm!

Sienn… I can hardly move my right arm now. A lesson I learnt the hard way…never ever try to play badminton, volleyball ,..

June 26, 2005 with 8 Comments

What if … 4

Beware!! Photoshop bandit on the lose again!!!! After the successful ‘fakeplan’ editing of Damien, KY and Carol, Margie..

June 26, 2005 with 19 Comments
Penang Ah Beng vs Klang Ah Beng

Penang Ah Beng vs Klang Ah Beng

It is known that the chinese hokkien community in Malaysia are segregated into northen and southern hokkien. Being a Klang hokkien lang,..

June 25, 2005 with 56 Comments

Confession of an Ah Beng.

After reading TV Smith’s entry on Proton Ah Beng Gen 3, I would like to share my opinions about Ah Bengs and Ah Lians. The truth is, I..

June 24, 2005 with 8 Comments

Review : Initial-D the movie

Just watched the much awaited movie Initial-D in TGV and it was superb. A must watch for both drifting enthusiasts and for car dummies...

June 23, 2005 with 7 Comments

Best Express Coach … NOT!

Having a girlfriend up north of Malaysia in Penang, I traveled quite up and down quite often. And those express coaches are my favourite..

June 21, 2005 with 16 Comments
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