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Weekend @ Leisure Cove

June 20, 2005 by Galvin Tan in Daily Rants with 1 Comment

Spent the weekend with Julea and her family at Leisure Cove, Tanjung Bungah. Its one of those time sharing holiday complimentary stay courtesy of May’s (Julea’s elder sis) colleague.

Took a drive up Penang earlier on Friday night with Radiance, Elaine, Farid and Aaron. All was fine except for the RM50 compound that I had to take out from my wallet on a speed trap block 5 minutes before we reached Juru toll. It was the cheaper alternative from the RM150 compound, again a complimentary from the officers of the Royal Police of Malaysia. How nice :p

Reached Desa Damai at around 12.30 am and we head on straight for Kuay Teow basah infront Court Mammoth. What’s Kuay Teow basah? It’s a malay-style, saucy type of Char Kuay Teow. We then met up with 2 of Radiance’s cousins and 2 other friends. We had a short chat before it started drizzling and we head home. Well, I headed over to Julea’s place and the rest headed off to Sri Sayang Apartment in Ferringhi.

The next day we took off to Penang at around 3pm, after May jie got off from work and we checked in at around 4pm. We didn’t do much there but just to chill around. That’s the whole point of the trip…just to chill! Played chor dai dee alot though. And I won quite abit too :p We then went for a swim at the roof top of Leisure Cove. Though the pool was kinda small but it had a nice view of the sea.

We had seafood dinner at Teluk Bahang. It was good though we expected better from Restoran Waterworld. After filling up our stomach, we headed back to the apartment. It was quite a long dinner and we were kinda tired from the earlier swim at the pool. Continued playing chor dee till late nite.

The next morning we had breakfast in Ayer Itam. No, we didn’t had laksa but the hokkien mee and the bee dai bak was kinda good. In Penang, they served smaller portion of food compared to KL but somehow it always hit the spot. Roti bakar with half boiled eggs are good too! Yummy!!

Alright, there goes my diet plan…. -_-“” but I shall be back on it again.

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