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Petrol price increase by 10 cent!

I knew it from the start that the petrol price will definitely go up. It didn’t happened back then in early July but it’ll be..

July 30, 2005 with 19 Comments

Busted Shoulder

I thought I will have a good game of basketball last night since I went earlier but turned out to be quite tragedy for me. My jump shots..

July 29, 2005 with 10 Comments

Hokkien Kwa

For the past 2 weeks we’ve (myself and KY) been trying hard to look for a hokkien kwa(song) entitled “ji pak ban” ( one..

July 27, 2005 with 21 Comments
Cool Gadget – MP3 FM Modulator

Cool Gadget – MP3 FM Modulator

I’ve just recently bought a cool little gadget for Julea. Since Julea’s car comes with a standard car player, I’ve..

July 26, 2005 with 55 Comments

Awesome Foursome

I’ve been hearing quite a lot of negative feedbacks and reviews about the movie Fantastic Four from certain people especially from my..

July 26, 2005 with 10 Comments

Ima dunce

for ma silly mistake here. BUMMER :( This is a log from my chat session with Suanie on MSN. This clearly..

July 24, 2005 with 17 Comments

Happy Birthday Kim

It’s Kimberly’s 21st Birthday. Let’s give her a BIG BIG SHOUT OUT to her!

July 23, 2005 with 25 Comments

Happy Birthday Amy

It’s Julea’s (also my beloved sis) lil’ sis Amy’s 19th Birthday. So here’s to you on your special day. May..

July 23, 2005 with 2 Comments

With Great Popularity…Comes Great Hack!

Looks like you guys gotta start changing your password of your blogs…perhaps even your email! The famous Singaporean blogger..

July 21, 2005 with 17 Comments

OMG, he’s with Terence!

He was recently spotted chilling out with Terence. This is the second time he’s been spotted here in Malaysia. Kanneh, this fei chai..

July 20, 2005 with 10 Comments
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