Lord Of The Kai

Tornado Foosball
What is foosball? Well, foosball is also known as table soccer (pic above).
It is also known as baby footie in the UK. Foosball has been around for quite
some time and lately its getting more popular here in Malaysia. You can find
foosball tables at certain entertainment outlets but more often you’ll find it
at pool clubs. The 2 more popular pool club where you can find foosball tables
are AsiaClub @ AsiaCafe in Subang SS15 and Breakers Club in Sri Hartamas, KL.

Now let me tell you a story. I love foosball and I have been playing it for the past 10 years. I’ve spent hundreds of hours to brush up my skills and gameplay. I’ve gained respect and confidence after the agony of my training.

Winning and losing is part of the game. I’ve won many games and lost quite a number too. I’ve faced many competitions, some tough and some I just have no clue. But there’s no competition like the one against the LORD OF THE KAI.

They’ll challenge you, they’ll pound you and worst of all, they’ll mortify you.

Terence has been playing foosball for quite some time but he never really practise for it. KY just started playing like 2 years ago, he picked up the game quickly but never really mastered it. Considered the experience, time and effort that I’ve put into this game…I should be the better player. But unfortunately, this is not not happening. No matter what, I just can’t win these two kai lords.

Better known as the Kai San (Terence Goh GOD) and Kai Wong (KY), these tag team Kai Lords are here to combo your ass till kingdom comes! They’ll hit the ball as hard as possible and the ball will just hit everything and everywhere on the table and somehow, it’ll end up in the goal. You may think it’s just pure luck or some fluke shot but I can assure you, it’s pure raw skills! Pure Kai skills! These fuckers can score from anywhere at any situation! They perform shots beyond GOD-like. I seriously hate these fellas. They make me feel like a noob -_-“”

Okay, now I’m not pissed.

Thanks to those who commented on my previous post. Giant Sotong, you are right. The image width is screwing up the layout. I’ve resized all the images and now it look so much better. Thanks again.

My next problem is my shoutbox. It looks good on FireFox but on IE…. -_-“”

Alrite, I’m tired. Spent the whole night fixing up the problems and I’ve got a game tomorrow. Over and out. …. Zzzzzzzzz

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