Lunch in Sungai Petani

Went over to Julea’s brother-in-law’s factory to do some photo shooting and we end up having late lunch around the area. I was my first time in Sungai Petani so I didn’t know what to expect to eat around that area. We finally decided to go for western food at Tacco Bell Steak House.

Tacco Bell is just another small shoplot restaurant like what you usually find in PJ or even in KL area. It’s quite a cozy place to dine in especially when it freaking hot outside. They served a limited choices of western food but it’s definitely a value-for-money feast. I guess their main attraction would be their eat-all-you-can salad, soup and dessert if you go for their set meal. Honestly, there’s nothing so special about the food but they do served a decent portion for the price we are paying.

The sliding entrance door.

My sizzling hot black pepper chicken steak

Julea’s fish and chips. Wonder what happened to the chips?

The complete meal.

If you are around Legenda Heights in Sungai Petani, I do suggest to give Tacco Bell a visit. Good music, cozy ambience, pleasant service and satisfying food. I give the place a 3 out of 5 stars. The bill came up to less than RM80 for four person.

Margie’s Comment-a-thon

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Holy Shit!

My routine private moment in the toilet came to a drastic halt for the second time recently when I read about the news on the latest London’s bomb attack.

It’s always a shock whenever I see familiar names or faces on the newspaper that will instantly stop all my personal bombing attacks which instinctly call for an immediate pull-back!

This withdrawal was caused by a familiar name I read on the Star newspaper today. The latest London’s bomb attack hits the main page of every major newspapers in the world. Somehow it never occur to me that someone I knew could be in danger of such barbaric attack. My ex-colleague Simone, was on the way to work travelling in the underground commuter when the bomb attacks happened. Luckily enough, the story I read on today’s newspaper was about Malaysians who are safe from the attack. Here’s the article I read today:

Click for larger view
Click for larger view.

But let me tell you something, no bomb attack news can be scarier than seeing a full page of your friend’s face appearing on the newspaper… while yer crapping! That was really one heck of a withdrawal! Everything was pulled back instantly. It took me a few seconds later to realised that it was just only a photograph of Suanie.

Holy shit!!!
Holy shit!!!

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