Kancheong spider : flyover collapse

Extracted from The Star newspaper

SHAH ALAM: Nine Bangladeshi construction workers were injured when eight girders of a flyover of the NKVE-Jalan Meru Link near Bukit Raja collapsed.

My friend Guleng(not his real name), called me up yesterday afternoon. Guleng is a photographer for a local newspaper and he heard about the news from the newsroom. This is our phone conversation …

Guleng : Hello ah beng, where are you?

Me : I’m in Penang la, why la?

Guleng : Chow ah beng, what you doing in Penang la?

Me : Kanneh, don’t ask stupid question.

Guleng : hehe…

Me : So what’s up?

Guleng : No lar, you heard of anything happened in Klang ar?

Me : What’s wrong? What happened?

Guleng : Don’t know, not sure la but I heard the flyover in Klang collapsed.

Me : WHAT?!?! You sure bo? Serious ah? I don’t know leh…didn’t hear anything also!

Guleng : Ya lar, I heard from the newsroom wan. But not sure what’s the damage la. Btw, where is Bukit Rajah?

Me : What? Bukit Rajah? It’s on the Federal Highway la…just right after toll.

Guleng : Oh ok. Alrite..just along the highway right? Ok ok, then I go now.

Me: Shit (super kancheong)! Like that I better call home first. Cioaz.

Guleng : Ok ok…call you if I know anything. Bye ah beng.

Minutes later, I called everyone back in Klang…well, those who are at home la of course. I called my dad, my friends, my cousins but apparently none heard of anything. I wondered why?

So this morning I found out why, that’s because the flyover that collapsed is the new flyover on NKVE and not the existing one on Federal Highway (right infront of Bukit Rajah Shopping Complex).

Because I was being such a *kancheong spider, I jumped to conclusion thinking that it was the flyover right infront of Bukit Rajah shopping complex, which is quite high traffic during that time. Really glad that there isn’t any death.

*Slang – being panicky.

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