Ima dunce

for ma silly mistake here. BUMMER :(

This is a log from my chat session with Suanie on MSN.

This clearly shows how freaking blur and confused I am after what had happened. Yes, I blurted out Kim‘s surprise party…which was no longer a surprise after she read my blog entry! SIEN!

Galvin says: i suck..i know..
suanie says: lmao u noob
suanie says: lmao the more i think about it
suanie says: the more i think u are a noob
suanie says: LMAO
Galvin says: fuck you la
Galvin says: not funny k
Galvin says: here I try to be nice..
suanie says: LMAOOOOO
suanie says: hahhahahahahahhaa
Galvin says: there I kena fuck like kok
suanie says: no worries lah
suanie says: lmaoooo
suanie says: quite funny now when u think of it
Galvin says: isk…how I know she gonna read blogs at dinner time on her birthday?!?!
Galvin says: cant you guys like drag her out earlier?!?
suanie says: lmao i dono , she was at g’s
Galvin says: -_-“”
Galvin says: btw, hows the surprise party?
suanie says: ok only lor
Galvin says: I spoilt the fun…I know….arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Galvin says: -_-”
suanie says: nah its ok lah hehhehee
suanie says: say hi to j
Galvin says: hi jo
Galvin says: u ppl still at Ky’s?
suanie says: im at home now
suanie says: damn tired
Galvin says: Jo with you?
Galvin says: eh
Galvin says: which J is this?
Galvin says: Jo or Janice?
suanie says: julea
suanie says: …..
Galvin says: ohhhhhhh
Galvin says: ok ok ( I am fucking paiseh at this moment can! )
Galvin says: sien..
Galvin says: fuk…I better sleep!!
Galvin says: ima noob!
suanie says: lmao nite nite

Yea, it got worst after that … I R NOOB!

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