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July 26, 2005 by Galvin Tan in Daily Rants with 10 Comments

I’ve been hearing quite a lot of negative feedbacks and reviews about the movie Fantastic Four from certain people especially from my pet sis Radiance. Being a 70’s child, I was brought up worshipping these heroes. They are every children’s superheroes. Even after all the bad feedbacks, I still wanted to watch the movie…and I did.

I watched it with my girlfriend Julea over at Pacific Megamall Cineplex and we loved it. Enough said.

Seriously, the whole plot and CG of the movie may not be the best but it’s the live of these superheroes that counts. Bringing them alive on the silver screen totally brings back my childhood moments. I’ve always wish to be a superhero like them. I’ll leave the story telling to the real pros…

The story as laid out in the film version of the “Fantastic Four” follows Reed Richards (Ioan Gruffudd), a brilliant but broke scientist and his good buddy Ben Grimm (Michael Chiklis) as they go against everything they know is right and ask Victor Von Doom (Julian McMahon) for help with an experiment that’s sure to make them all rich and famous – or even wealthier and more famous in the case of Von Doom.

The backstory that’s quickly laid out in the opening moments of the film lets us uninitiated “Fantastic Four? viewers in on the secret that Von Doom’s beautiful assistant, Sue Storm (Jessica Alba), once had a relationship with Richards before determining that he was just like most men (yes, that’s a snide remark but I couldn’t resist). Reeds spoke without thinking and didn’t pay enough attention to their relationship so now she’s moved on to the handsome Von Doom, a narcissistic businessman who in all honesty cares for her less than he cares for his mirror. I’m dwelling on the relationship aspect of the storyline as that’s basically what the film’s all about. Sure there are special effects, and there’s the requisite bad guy who needs to be dealt with, but the movie’s really all about …

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Some of my young friends didn’t appreciate the movie at all. Problem is not the movie, it was them and in fact most of the youngsters today. Most of these ‘young critics’ were not even born yet to appreciate the Fantastic Four.

The very first superhero team book Marvel put out was Fantastic Four #1, which came out in 1961.

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