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Happy Birthday Julea

Happy birthday to the one I love, All my joy goes out to you today, Perhaps I learned, the months you were away, Part of me moves always as..

July 19, 2005 with 25 Comments

They Stole My CD Player

Goddamn it, someone broke into my car and stole my goddamn CD player!!!! I found my car door was opened and my seats are all pushed up. I..

July 18, 2005 with 29 Comments

My niece is getting high …

… up Mt Kinabalu. Ok, don’t be silly, she’s not doing anything unlawful. In fact, she’s doing us proud…at..

July 16, 2005 with 4 Comments
Funtastic 4

Funtastic 4

The much awaited Fantastic Four by Marvel comic is finally on the big screen now. I must catch this movie no matter what. I grew up..

July 15, 2005 with 43 Comments

3 more reasons to date Suanie

Suanie has requested me to do a digital makeover of herself just like how I did Carol & Margie. Suanie came out with 5 reasons why..

July 14, 2005 with 19 Comments

Excuse me sir, your VISA has been rejected.

Finally, the much talked about visa blog is pulling its plug. Here’s a quote from visa blog: Good bye Submitted by blewtooth on Fri,..

July 13, 2005 with 27 Comments

Why a jambatan is called a jambatan?

Do you know why Jambatan Pulau Pinang is called Jambatan Pulau Pinang? Why not Titian Pulau Pinang or just simply Pulau Pinang Bridge (for..

July 12, 2005 with 6 Comments

Kancheong spider : flyover collapse

Extracted from The Star newspaper SHAH ALAM: Nine Bangladeshi construction workers were injured when eight girders of a flyover of the..

July 11, 2005 with 14 Comments

WordPress Administration Design: Tiger

After the success of installing Flickr Gallery plugin in WordPress, I went on hunting for more plugins. And now I got hold of a cool plugin..

July 10, 2005 with 4 Comments

Lunch in Sungai Petani

Went over to Julea’s brother-in-law’s factory to do some photo shooting and we end up having late lunch around the area. I was..

July 9, 2005 with 16 Comments
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