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Margie’s Comment-a-thon

Dear friends, Please support our beloved friend, Margie in her attempt to put herself on the Book of World Records. Her attempt to gather..

July 9, 2005 with 6 Comments

Holy Shit!

My routine private moment in the toilet came to a drastic halt for the second time recently when I read about the news on the latest..

July 9, 2005 with 4 Comments

Champion of Champions

Kobayashi:Champion of Hot Dog Eating Contest. Takeru Kobayashi has done it again. In his unprecedented five consecutive triumphs at the..

July 8, 2005 with 10 Comments

More PPS Banners

I took the initiative to design more colourful banners for PPS. Steps to download: 1. Please right-click the selected banner and save it to..

July 7, 2005 with 8 Comments

Aiyaa headache!!

Spent 2 nights trying to install Flickr Gallery plugin in my WordPress site and yet I still face with problems. Finally I got it done and..

July 6, 2005 with 4 Comments

Flickr Gallery in WordPress 1.5

Flickr Gallery plugin for WordPress 1.5 is yet the best photo gallery plugins so far. If you already have an account with Flickr, you can..

July 6, 2005 with 40 Comments

Flickr with WordPress

I’ve just finished integrating Flickr ( into my wordpress and it looks great. Will do a thorough guideline for those who..

July 4, 2005 with 0 Comments

Lord Of The Kai

What is foosball? Well, foosball is also known as table soccer (pic above). It is also known as baby footie in the UK. Foosball has been..

July 2, 2005 with 7 Comments

Okay, now I’m not pissed.

Thanks to those who commented on my previous post. Giant Sotong, you are right. The image width is screwing up the layout. I’ve..

July 2, 2005 with 4 Comments

Okay, now I’m pissed.

Spent the whole morning trying real hard to figure out what happened to my sidebar link on my blog. My Navigation sidebar (on the right..

July 1, 2005 with 18 Comments
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