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Selamat Hari Kebangsaan – Happy Birthday Malaysia!

August 30, 2005 with 8 Comments
When you talk like DOTA, you know you’re a freak.

When you talk like DOTA, you know you’re a freak.

If you were into online gaming you’d probably know about online games such as Gunbound, Rose Online, World or WarCraft, WarCraft 3..

August 28, 2005 with 54 Comments

FireAngel rants…”SIZE DOES MATTER”

Hotchic FA Though theres been lotsa replies and feedbacks from KY’s attempt to pimp FireAngel, I’ve decided to help KY out on a..

August 26, 2005 with 22 Comments

Apple, Microsoft duel over iPod patent.

Now what the heck is wrong with Microsoft? Having control of 90% of the world’s computer market is not enough for them? And yet now..

August 25, 2005 with 6 Comments

I Love MY : Celebrating 48 years of Independence

In the next few days,all Malaysians will be celebrating our country’s 48th Merdeka Anniversary. Every year,the nation never miss the..

August 22, 2005 with 26 Comments

Congested Weekend

My blog and a few other sites were down throughout the weekend. Called up the hosting company to get an answer for the down time...

August 22, 2005 with 0 Comments

From Ong Bak to Tom Yum Goong

I’m a big fan of martial art movies. Besides all the super power sword fighting chinese movies, I most enjoy bare fist fighting and..

August 19, 2005 with 20 Comments

The haze is gone but I’m sick

Yep, it’s clear blue skies here in Penang since the haze cleared off from Penang and BM 2 days ago. So the much hoohaa of the annual..

August 17, 2005 with 4 Comments

The haze followed me to Penang!?

Kanneh, I thought I could escape the haze in Klang by coming up to Penang but was left disappointed with the sudden wind change which..

August 13, 2005 with 24 Comments

How Bad Can The Haze Be?

The haze is killing me for the past 3 days. My eyes are watery and my nose is getting stuffy. Worst of all, I had to shower 5 times a day..

August 10, 2005 with 27 Comments
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