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How to handle mysterious calls … ah beng style!

September 15, 2005 by Galvin Tan in Daily Rants with 138 Comments

Have you ever had those mysterious missed calls? Unfamiliar number that keeps calling your phone sometime right in the middle of the night? Well, I used to have such calls back then when I was using my 016 number. I tell you, those missed calls are irritating! Sometimes I don’t whether to call back or not. And when I do call back, the person on the other side of the phone will claim that he never call at all. Well, atleast that person sounded sincere to me…so I couldn’t be totally pissed with him/her. So what can I do..ignore it?

Now here’s one way to handle such irritating mysterious calls. CAUTION! THIS AUDIO IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK

This may be a set up, by its still darn hilarious! LMAO!

ahbeng: Hullo
bangla: Ya
ahbeng: Eh you fucking cibai who called this number ah 9103054
bangla: I never call you le
ahbeng: You fuck ah, today you called so many time…about six times you know
bangla: now ah?
ahbeng: ah now? ah then your father called ar?
bangla: ok ok .., I see I see later I wanna check
ahbeng: I fuck you … you stay where? you stay where? you tell me you stay where? you working where?
bangla: Then you say me for what..fuck la you kan nin no bo eh cibai bastard
ahbeng: your mother cibai you fucking here you no life ar?
bangla: I know you I wanna hantam you you fucking cibai

both: ok you stay where you stay where? bangla mumbling..I slap you mother cibai your mother cibaiyou wanna kill me you now come I kill you kannin no bu eh cibai kannin no bu eh cibai you bastard kannin no bu eh cibai fuck la kannin no bu eh cibai your mother father bastard you roti besarchinese fuck chinese fuck cibai bastard la fuckin cibai i no fuck I no fuck

ahbeng: I now call police I wanna call..I now catch your number I call police ..I wanna call your
bangla: for what I never i card..the i card i buy for me you’re going you’re
ahbeng: what card? i fuck you your father ask me buy come ar?
bangla: I .. i …ah
ahbeng: no no no i wanna report you fucking I make sure you come you dont come Singapore anymore as if you fucking bangla you another cibai indian motherfucker
bangla: har? I fuck you already I told you I wanna cancel the ..the number
ahbeng: ah why you scold me …why you scold me? you cancel your father ar? you scold me
bangla: coz i i said i change
ahbeng: a fuck you ah now where you stay?
bangla: har? you where stay I come you where you stay I come!
ahbeng: You sure? You come Bonggol now
bangla: Har
ahbeng: Now ah you come Bonggol
bangla: Bonggol ah bonggol where?
ahbeng: Bonggol…block 107 now now you come
bangla: that new block ar?
ahbeng: fuck you lar ask your father all come la
bangla: har
ahbeng: you mother cibai you
bangla: I one man enough you dont talk so much..I one man I …30 person 5 person 10 person dont care
ahbeng: you come 10 20 men i oso no scared la
bangla: you i tell you I real sorry sorry you wanna to fuck me people for what? you tell me?
ahbeng: ofcoz what you call me I fuck you la what…
bangla: you tell me you wanna er…instead of fucking fucking cibai for what…this cannot telle me this to nicely people..let ppl understand
ahbeng: eh fuck you la , talk nicely you call me 6 time I talk to you nicely
bangla: this number last time use a my friend ..fuck I dont know that he gonna go back already
ahbeng: I fuck your friend la I dont care your friend, your father or your mother use I oso dont care, as long as you dont care this number? why you call 6 times?
bangla: okok i wanna…
ahbeng: you find you find prostitute ar? you think prostitue use this number? your friend girl ar?
bangla: no la no la
ahbeng: ah then why you call call call call ah?
bangla: No la no la
ahbeng: you fucking cibai bangla
bangla: I now I now I see I wanna cancel this number ok i think
ahbeng: You fucking make sure you cancel ah more time I make sure one more time you call I make sure I kill you…your whle family all die ah..I tell you ah..I gangster ah…I tell you ah…
bangla: dont worry..I never give to I see buy from this one ok?
ahbeng: Make sure ar..
bangla: I keep the sing dollar I done promise one card..
ahbeng: ok you fucking make sure you dont call ok ah.. I see ah
bangla: ok ok..
ahbeng: ok more time you call ah..
bangla: ok today I wanna cancel ah this number
ahbeng: Then you must say sorry to me now..
bangla: ok I cannot talk already I I keep repeat I sorry already
ahbeng: I dont wanna talk so much I want you say sorry can already
bangla: ok ok ..sorry sorry.. i i wanna cancel the number now..
ahbeng: ah…say very very sorry
bangla: oh okok ..sorry sorry sorry…
ahbeng: okok
bangla: okok

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