Hokkien Kwa – Ai Piah Jia Eh Iah

November 10, 2006 by Galvin Tan in Entertainment with 37 Comments

Like every typical Chinese men, I dream to be rich. The only way to instant wealth is to strike the jackpot lottery. Chances like these only come like once in a million years of my lifetime! I’ve to be dead like 100 times before I stand the chance to strike the jackpot. And too bad I’m not Lee Kah Sing’s son or the smart genius that created Google, so there goes my chance of being filthy rich.But I won’t let a tiny bump along the road stop me, if I wan my first Ji Pa Ban, I will have to work for it. Some older folks have advised me to work and some friends of mine told me to work smart. Hard or smart, I still have to work for it. I’ve been around long enough to realised that a dream is just a dream, so I’ve decided to ‘kiok tap sat tae” and stick to working hard AND smart!

Here’s another classic hokkien song that I’ve wanted to learn for quite some time. It’s the only hokkien song that most non-hokkien Chinese people know and heard of. This song is like my Red Bull after every game of basketball. Whenever I’m tired and fed up of working, I’d play this song out loud to motivate myself.

I took sometime putting this song up with the lyric in Chinese and Hanyu Pinyin. I’ve also took the time to direct-translate it into English. I hope this song will give the motivation to achieve your dreams. Remember, AI PIA JIA EH IAH!!

Ai piah jia eh iah (爱 拼 才 会 赢)
You Gotta Fight To Win

jit si shi ji ng mien luang than
一 时 失 志 不 免 怨 叹
Once lose faith, no need to lose hope
Jit si lok piek ng mien tan than
一 时 落 魄 不 免 胆 寒
Once dreaded, no need to be scared

na tang sit khi hi bang
那 怕 失 去 希 望
If there’s no hope,

mui dit chui bang bang
每 日 醉 茫 茫
Whole day just go get drunk

bo hun uu the chin ching eu chow lang
无 魂 有 体 亲 像 稻 草 人
No more soul, but got body just like a scarecrow

lin sin ko tee si hai seong eh por luong
人 生 可 比 是 海 上 的 波 浪
Life is just like an ocean’s wave

wu si khi wu shi lo
有 时 起 有 时 落
Sometimes up sometimes down

ho un phai un
好 运 歹 运
Good forture bad fortune

chong mai ciao ki kang lai kia
总 嘛 要 照 起 来 行
Just accept and get thru it

sa hun thi ju tia
三 分 天 注 定
3 points it’s destined

chit hun khor pa pia
七 分 靠 打 拼
7 points you just gotta fight hard

ai piah jia eh iah
爱 拼 才 会 赢
You gotta fight, then you can win

Please note that my translation may not be correct. Please do help correct me if I’m wrong. Thank you.

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