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Here’s a review on Magic-Sing Karaoke Microphone that I just bought recently. It’s a nifty little gadget with big surprises. The microphone itself is the karaoke system. Yes, there’s whole 2064 songs built-in into the microphone. Impressive huh? But before I proceed with the review, I wish to share a little bad experience I had not long ago.

My Experience
My last karaoke session with my younger friends have proven to be much of a humiliating moment. They make me feel really old every time I chose songs by Rick Price, MLTR and sometimes even good oldies by Air Supply. Usually everyone will be fighting over the mic whenever there’s a familiar song playing but not when I play the songs I chose. There’ll be a total silence in the room as I sang to my favourite karaoke song. Well, it’s quite hard if I’m not a hip person singing “All The Things She Said” by TaTu which is totally IMPOSSIBLE to sing along to at all! So I swore not to go karaoke with anyone else except peers of my age. Or else I can just sing in my own car just like how I always do.

My Discovery
2 weeks ago, I was introduced by a friend of this new little gadget that just got around to Malaysia. This little handy gadget is called the ‘Magic-Sing Karaoke Mic’. It’s an All-In-One Digital Karaoke microphone with 2,064 songs built-in. Yes, the mic itself is a karaoke system. No more bulky devices with lotsa cables and extensions. The karaoke system itself features other capability such as mic volume control, volume control, and tempo and echo control all within a press of a few buttons. Still don’t get the idea? Here, lemme show you.

Magic Sing Mic with Submic

This is how Magic-Sing karaoke mic looks like. The Mic also comes with an optional smaller Submic ( left).

Magic-Sing RCA Cables

Setting up the hardware is as simple as hooking up your VCD player to the TV. The only cables attached to the mic are the RCA cables (Red, White, Yellow) and a power cable which comes with an adapter.

Magic-Sing Powering up

Once the cables are all hooked up, power up your TV and select your Video Channel with your remote. Depending on types of TV, usually a Video Channel is set to AV1 and AV2. For my TV, it is set to AV2. Power up your Magic-Sing by pressing the ON button for about half a second (just like how you power up your mobile). Once the mic is on, you can see an intro screen playing.

Magic-Sing songbook

To start singing, you need to choose your song. The karaoke set comes with a handy songbook. The very nice covered song book comes in a form of a ring-bind folder. In future if you wish to purchase more songs(chips), you can add the additional song list pages into the book.


Now that you know what song you wish to sing, get the code and punch it into the system with your mic. Since there’s no display screen on the mic, your TV will act as a display screen. Once you keyed in your code, hit the PLAY button and away you go… sing your heart out!

Magic-Sing Real Time Score

There’s a mode button on the mic that allows you to select volume, echo, tempo and key control. You can even have song reservations, view your singing score in real time and have a little contest among your family and friends. I tried singing one of my favourite song, “100 Years” by Five For Fighting and I did pretty well… hehe. Oh yes, the songs are quite updated. Don’t worry about not having any songs to sing. There’s a hefty 2,064 songs for you to choose from!

Magic-Sing and Magic-Duet

The Magic-Sing does come with an optional Submic, called the “Magic-Duet”. It’s a wireless, standard AA battery powered sub-microphone that need to be paired with it big brother, Magic-Sing mic. After pairing up with the main mic, you can have a back-up singer, a duet partner and even a little singing contest together. Now isn’t that cool?

Magic-Sing Song Chip

If you find that 2.064 songs are not enough for you, you can always opt to add in additional songs by getting the optional Song Chips. Currently, there are only 5 song chip titles available. Chinese, Indonesian, Hymn, Pop-Vol 16 and Pop-Vol 17 song chips are sold separate from the Magic-Sing mic. More songs can be added into the mic by simply plugging the chip into the mic. There are 5 slots available in the mic so you can have up to 5 song chips inside the mic. Once inserted, your list of songs will be extended! Cool!


After a few songs on my own, my brother then joins me for a couple of his favourites. He sure liked it as he was really into it.

Magic-Sing Car Adaptor

I just found out from the distributor that the set comes with an optional car adaptor. “What’s the car adaptor for?”, you may ask. Well, it’s to totally PIMP YOUR RIDE! For those having a LCD display panel hooked up in your ride, you can simply hook up this gadget to your existing car stereo system, get the car adaptor and you’ll be instantly popular among your friends. (Car adaptor and singing karaoke in the car is optional. We do not encourage the driver to sing along while driving :p)

Magic-Sing CarryBag

Hooking up is easy, packing up is as easy too. The Magic-Sing karaoke mic, songbook and adaptor come with a nice and easy carrybag. Now your can bring your karaoke set to any party and be an instant super star singing to your favourite karaoke songs!

My Verdict
The mic is really really cool and easy to use. You have everything built-in into the mic so you can control everything with just one device. The mic is really sturdy and really comfortable to hold. There’s of course a few drawbacks but that is not gonna stop a superstar wannabe from his/her favourite song. I’ll give this gadget an 8/10. It could be slightly pricey for some but if you can afford it, you must get it.

My Recommendations

  • To those who wants to join Malaysian Idol. This is a must-get gadget. Practice singing and grooving to your favourite tunes and who knows, you might get lucky.
  • To those avid karaoke goers. This will save you alot of money in long run. Just gather your friends over your place and have a fun night fun singing together. Hey, you can even charge them if you want to.
  • To pub, bar or even restaurant owners. Have this little gadget installed in your outlet and you will have more patrons coming over. Hopefully they order as much as they’ll sing. hehe
  • As a gift. A great gift for house-warming party.

I’m sure there’s more that you can think of. But I only need one reason to own it… Singing relaxes me. Yes, it’s how I distress myself.

Here’s a little video on how singing and karaoke can save your marriage too :)

Technical Specifications
I gathered these informations from the distributor’s website ( Special Feature:

  • Lyrics appear on TV screen
  • Photgraphy scenery displayed on TV
  • Echo, Key, Tempo and Volume Control
  • Song reservation, Score in real time, Random play
  • Music Contest, Musical Instrument, Voice Change
  • Melody Guide On/Off

Optional Devices:
1) Magic-Sing Sub-Microphone – Wireless microphone for the duet/backup singer. Must have a Magic Sing microphone to operate.


  • 900MHz Ultra high band
  • Crystal clear sound by using a noise reduction circuit
  • Great reception range of up to 20 ft.
  • Controls speed, pitch, music volume and vocal volume.
  • Makes use of the functions of the main microphone.
  • 2 x AA Alkaline Batteries required (not included)

The Magic-Sing Karaoke Microphone is currently retailed at RM988. Since I’m one of the few first customer, the distributor agrees to give me a discount in my future purchase. So if you want one, email me at

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