A Day Trip to Magnificent Malacca

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It was yet another impromptu plan to go down to Malacca for sight-seeing and some good food. Suggested by none other that our favourite Baba, Mr. Damien Yong. One good thing about such trip is that it usually works out.

As usual, we were all late… well, except for poor Farid who had to be over in Subang since 12 noon. By the time I picked up Damien and Amy, it was already 2 pm. We had a quick lunch and off we go.

The trip down south was quite a breeze. By the time we hit the toll, it was around 4 pm. We really took our time driving down. There’s no rush and it was a holiday for us.

The purpose of the trip was for makan, makan and more makan. Our first stop was over at Tengkera. Damien suggested that we should try out the Mee Sup Tengkera and some Popiah Goreng. The Mee Sup was rather good since they use fried chicken meat floss instead of the usual boiled or steamed chicken meat. And the Popiah Goreng, gosh… excellent! Crispy on the outside, juicy and yummy on the inside.

Only the pakcik preparing the noodles. The others are helpers.

The soup is rather plain but tasty. That’s because they use fried chicken instead of the normal chicken meat.

The Popiah Goreng was really crispy and it’s selling like hot cakes!

You can tell that these guys are really hungry.

Since we’ll be having more food, we decided not to over stuff ourselves and head on to the next destination for some desserts. Taking a drive through Malacca town is quite an eye-opener. The colourful and unique century old buildings are quite a sight. It’s really nice to slow down once in a while in your life, to breathe the air and to enjoy sights ancient old history. It’s quite a mesmerizing view, sometimes funny too.

Oookaayyy, I’ve seen plenty of funny convinient stores but this is too much. LOL. Oh ya, only handsome guys are allow to have seafood in this restaurant.

We stop over in town where you can find the fountain, clock tower andChristChurch. The place was flocked with tourists and tour buses. There’s plenty of colourful trishaws too which kinda stole my attention. Trishaws are quite a rare sight especially in busy cities like KL and PJ. While the rest of them are enjoying their Cendol right across the street, I went on snapping more photos around that area.





The posers!

Baba and Nyonyas?

We were quite tempted to go for the famous Chicken Rice Ball but unfortunately it was quite late and the shop was already closed. So we proceeded to thefortA’ Farmosa. Along the way to the fort, we were quite surprised to see the changes in the town ofMalacca. A few new food court and shopping complexes popped up.

Melaka Fort A’Farmosa
After more than a century, part of the fort is still standing strong.

Melaka fort A’Farmosa
Damien was ecstatic being back in Malacca.

Melaka - St. Paul Church

Melaka St. Paul Church
St. Paul Church

It brings back good memories being atfortA’Farmosaagain. The last time I’ve been there was during primary school days. It was a school trip to Malacca and we visited the fort, the crocodile farm and a few other places.


It was getting late so it’s time to leave. We wanted to go for some Popiah with Chu Yau Char (fried pork lard) and some fried lala omelet but unfortunately the stall only opens at 7.30 pm. Not wanting to wait, we decided to go straight for Satay Celup at Jalan Ong Kim Wee. There are a number of restaurants serving Satay Celup but Damien brought us to Restoran Ban Lee Siang. It was my first time trying Satay Celup, although something new, I’m no stranger to food like Lok-Lok in KL.




Similar to Lok-Lok, you cook/heat up your food by dipping it into a saucy peanut gravy instead of hot boiling broth

By the time we got back to KL, it was already 10pm. Though it was a short trip, we were all really tired and we ended up in a foot reflexology parlour. Hehe.

Foot Massage
Ahhh… Bliss!

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