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2 BKT sessions and an Angry Man

September 27, 2007 by Galvin Tan in Food with 9 Comments

Look, I’m not a food critic but I’m very much a Klangite. Although I wasn’t really born in Klang, but I spent more than a quarter of century here in this little town called KLANG.

Now Klang is famous for BKT, everyone knows about that. What boils me is when people do not know how to appreciate the best of Klang.

I have this sudden crave for pork today. So during lunch time, there’s a new BKT stall just opened nearby my office in Bukit Jalil. Okay, I should know better not to complain about other places for BKT when I know Klang is the best. But then again, how would I know Klang is the best when I haven’t tried others, right?

I’m not a big fan of any other parts of the cute little piggy, so I usually stick to lean meat or ribs. The next thing the towkay asked whether I want additional mushrooms, I said no.

After a good 10 mins, food is served. There’s nothing fancy about BKT, usually is a bowl of pork and a plate of rice. But the taste of the BKT is horrendous. The soup is so freaking diluted it taste like boiled water with soya sauce. Not the mention the PLAIN white rice instead of the fragrant rice they usually served in Klang.

As if that was not bad enough, the meat, oh gosh…the meat.. I can hardly chew it. I hate it when they pre-cook the meat separately from the soup and then heat it up together before serving to customer. KNN, It doesn’t taste good at all, don’t they get it!?

My indian colleague had a sip of the soup and she don’t like it either. She told me that the other stall we had BKT earlier in Old Klang Road was much better. I was like WTF!?!?!?!? That stall is a rip off and it’s not much different from what we’re having now!!! OMG!! I lit up a cigarette and let off the topic.

My crave for pork was not satisfied, so for dinner I had BKT again. Sadly, the sameeeeeeeeee shit happens again. Diluted soup, raw tasteless pork and worst of all, freaking plain white rice?????

Okay guys, enough is enough. As a patron, know that BKT is not just pork in soya-sauce like soup. I’ll spare you the history lesson, go read it on Wikipedia. Let me show you how the original KLANG BKT being served!

Klang Bah Kut Teh

THE ORIGINAL WAY. See carefully! Plate of rice with a bowl of BKT only.

Here’s the YES and NO of how we have BKT in Klang:

YES, we have BKT in the morning. Usually a single bowl of pork with a plate of rice. Of course, tea is a must!

NO, BKT is not just meant for lunch, dinner or even supper! Some may try to grab the opportunity to sell BKT for hungry drunkards at night. Fuck, you are drunk and you’re hungry. Anything you eat taste good, damnit!

YES, the original BKT is served in a small bowl with pork and soup ONLY! No other extra ingredients! Extra mushrooms, taupok or even abalone is just to make extra money. Those extra stuffs will totally kill off the herbal taste.

NO, claypot BKT is not as good because of the extra ingredients in it. The bigger it is, the more the charge! Don’t be fooled!

YES, we eat BKT with a plate of rice, folk and spoon.

NO, we don’t eat BKT in a bowl with chopsticks. Screw the tiny bowl! We like to flood our plate with soup.

YES, the original BKT herbal soup is thick and dark. Not too salty and not too sweet with the right among of chinese herbs in it.

NO, BKT soup is not diluted like kopi-o nipis with ice.

YES, the pork is boiled in the soup for hours and the meat must be really tender and juicy.

NO, the pork must not taste like raw steak with a SPEARMINT brand on it. Damn, I hate chewy pork.

Compare BKT

So know your BKT. It’s your right!

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relax... lol u are so worked up over BKT... imagine... ;)


relax... lol u are so worked up over BKT... imagine... ;)

Yi Chin
Yi Chin

BKT is PJ Old Town is quite good for PJ standard

Yi Chin
Yi Chin

BKT is PJ Old Town is quite good for PJ standard


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