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Hokkien Kwa – Ooi Ho Li Ai Tio Pa Lang (Su Su Liam Liam)

July 17, 2008 by Galvin Tan in Entertainment with 22 Comments

Here’s another one of my favourite hokkien song, Ooi Ho Li Ai Tio Pa Lang (為何你愛著別人) or better known to some people as the Su Su Liam Liam song. It simply means Why Are You Loving Someone Else. Just thought I would share it with all the hokkien lang out there.

Hope you like this one too. Enjoy :)

Ooi Ho Li Ai Tio Pa Lang (為何你愛著別人) Lyric

昨暝的一陣大雨 打醒我的夢
Ja Mi Eh Jit Chun Tua Hor Pa Chi Gua Eh Bang
Last night’s heavy rain woke me up from a dream

Pa Chi Gua Ji Tew Ho Bang
Woke me up from a wonderful dream

雨呀雨呀 叫你不通
Hor Ah Hor Ah  Kio Di Ngm Thang
Rain oh Rain, I beg you not to

Li Pian Pian Pa Chi Gua Eh Bang
But you just have to wake me up from this dream

Ing Ooi He Eh Lang Jia Koo Bo Lai Ho Gua Bang
Because for very long time, I haven’t been dreaming of him(her)

思思念念 思思念念 心愛彼個人
Su Su Liam Liam  Su Su Liam Liam  Sim Ai He Eh Lang
Missing you Thinking of you, My beloved dream guy(girl)

心愛彼個人 已經愛著別人
Sim Ai He Eh Lang  Ee Keng Ai Tio Pah Lang
My beloved guy(girl) is already in love with another

只有惦在 只有惦在 夢中才是我的人
Chi Hoo Tiam Jai  Chi Hoo Tiam Jai  Bang Tiong Jia Si Wa Eh Lang
If I keep thinking that the dream guy(girl) is you

Ooi Ho Li Ai Tio Pa Lang
Why are you loving someone else

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    Hokkien Kwa – Ooi Ho Li Ai Tio Pa Lang (Su Su Liam Liam)…

    For those who have heard of the ‘Su Su Liam Liam’ song, enjoy singing along to this favourite hokkien song of mine….

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