10 Reasons To Get A HTC Desire (Part 5)

June 19, 2010 by Galvin Tan in Technology with 8 Comments

Finding the perfect smartphone for myself is impossible, that’s because the best smartphone in the market may not be what I want. Yes, it’s up to preferences and I have my own preference. However, my experience with the HTC Desire is such an amazing joryney, there’s no reason why one should not get the HTC Desire. Here’s 10 reasons why the HTC Desire is so desirable.

1.) Processor
The 1GHz Snapdragon processor is considerably one of the fastest processor in the market now. It definitely lives up to its potential, making every action fast and judder-free; every transition smooth.

2.) Sense User-Interface (UI)
The HTC Sense user interface adds extra gloss to Android, with more home screens, widgets and simplified navigation.

3) Android
Android is proving itself to be a big player in the smartphone industry. The very stable and flamboyant UI definitely make the Desire more desirable. Open-source OS means there are plenty more space for improvement.

4) Web Wizard
Browsing the web is speedy and the mix of Flash and 3.7-inch screen means websites render well.

5) Camera
The five-megapixel camera is the best yet from HTC, capturing reasonably sharp images. It throws in a decent LED flash too.

6) Video
The Desire features excellent video capture at 800×480 pixels and a superb screen to view it on. Video playback is smooth as silk.

7) Social networking
Facebook is integrated with HTC Sense, meaning you can sync your Facebook buddies with their phone book entries, giving a very easy way to check their status updates.

8.) Messaging
Push email over Exchange as well as Gmail and other webmail accounts is supported. You’ll never be out of touch again.

9.) Pricing
Currently, the Desire is better equipped and cheaper than the iPhone 3GS.

10.) AMOLED screen
What’s not to love about the Deisre’s AMOLED screen? The OLED serves up vivid colours, helps make the Desire a little slimmer and may save battery. It suffers a tad outdoors, though.

However, HTC can really work on the speakers and especially the battery life. For me, a full charge in the morning can only last me till late afternoon. It’s a good thing that the HTC Desire comes with a USB data cable that I can use to charge in the car. Luckily for me, I have a car player that comes with USB support, so there’s a port for me to plug in my HTC Desire in the car for a quick charge.

Other than that, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t get the HTC Desire.

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