Review : Internet Connectivity & Social Networking On HTC Desire (Part 3)

June 19, 2010 by Galvin Tan in Technology with 3 Comments

Setting up the internet connection on the HTC Desire is pretty simple. Upon booting up my brand new HTC Desire, I went through a couple of set up screens before I can proceed to the Home Screen.

I’m currently a subscriber to Maxis unlimited data package plan so I have 3G connectivity available 24/7; at the same time, I have Wi-Fi connection at home. Having such luxury allows me to be connected with my friends and family at all times.

Switching between 3G and Wi-Fi on your HTC Desire is just a tap on the screen. It’s advisable to turn off one connection when you have another on because they’ll drain up your battery pretty fast.

Android 2.1 comes with a default browser which is pretty nifty to me. I like very much as loading websites on either 3G or Wi-Fi network is simply fast. I guess I have the 1 GHz Snapdragon processor to thank for too. Browsing on HTC Desire is such an experience too. It comes with Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate so you can view your websites vertically and horizontally for larger view.  Simply pinching and stretching the screen, you can zoom in and out of any webpages. Simply by double tapping on any article and it will zoom in and the text will auto-wrap itself to fit the viewing screen.

Gmail works wonder with HTC Desire, besides getting your email pushed to your HTC Desire, you get notifications from Google Calendar, also pushed to your phone.

HTC Desire is specially designed for me… for YOU even. Why? Because the whole phone is about how we want it to be. With HTC Sense, everything about the phone is all about you. HTC Desire integrates other Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Flickr all within a single screen. There’s no need flip through different screens for different contents. I get all my contents appearing on a single screen, easily access with just a tap on the Home Screen.

I also like checking in to places wherever I go. Foursquare is the latest buzz on the social networking scene and it’s great to able to share my favourite holiday destinations, food places or even hangout place with my friends. Equipped with a built-in GPS with A-GPS support, I can also easily find my way to other places of interest shared by my friends on Foursquare. Google Map is definitely a jewel for HTC Desire. With the 3.7 inch large AMOLED screen, it’s so much easier to find my way around on Google Map. Everything is larger and easier to see.

Sometimes, I work on shift and I like to be at places whenever I’m not in office. Most Starbucks and some coffee places now offer free Wi-Fi at the premises, but there are just those very odd moments when you’re stranded at some place without a single signal of Wi-Fi. Good thing now is, I can still go online on my netbook with my HTC Desire via 3G HSDPA called Internet Tethering.

Using Internet Tethering or Internet Sharing for HTC Desire is very simple; however, setting up your android phone will definitely need slightly more know-how to go around it. I won’t be giving you steps on how to setup Internet Sharing but I suggest anyone who wants to do so can do a search on Google. I’m using PDAnet for Internet Sharing and it’s been working fine for me. If you’re on a limited data package plan, I suggest you better not try to use Internet Sharing unless necessary. Exceeding your data package plan may cost you having to pay for the excessive kilobytes.

Ultimately, HTC Desire makes me a mobile mogul. I can be anywhere at anytime and yet still I’m connected to my friends from UK or even in Singapore. Friends can now join me at my favourite lunch spot whenever I checked in. I can also check my emails and upload my photos from the side of the road on the highway and I can even tweet about the jam I’m stuck in.

Like it so far? I know I do.

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  1. […] Part 3 : Internet Connectivity & Social Networking On HTC Desire […]

  2. […] Part 3 : Internet Connectivity & Social Networking On HTC Desire […]

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