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Open Letter To Maxis Berhad

August 6, 2010 by Galvin Tan in Daily Rants with 2 Comments

Dear Maxis,

My name is Galvin Tan and I wish to make an official complaint. I’ve been a Maxis Mobile subscriber for more than a decade now and choose to be with Maxis because I believe that your good company is the better telecommunication company and offers the best coverage. I’ve been a strong supporter of Maxis for the longest time; however my loyalty is running thin.

I’ve made a complaint via your Social Media channel ( few months back. I’ve expressed my dismay for getting low and sometimes even no signal at around Sunway area. Your customer service did follow up and explained to me that Maxis network is having some technical problem over that area. A few months later, signal strength over at Sunway area is back to high and everything seems well until recently.

I’ve been having difficulty accessing the Internet via Maxis 3G whenever I’m over at Sunway Pyramid. Sometimes, I can’t get any signal for 3G at all and when I do get a 3G signal, I can’t connect. I’m a social media addict and I tweet a lot wherever I go.

Above is a photo taken just last night which clearly shows that I couldn’t connect to the Internet even when I have 3G signal. I was right in front of J.Co Donuts Sunway Pyramid at that time.

What really pissed me off is when I’m unable to get any signal whenever I’m at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach. I’ve attended 4 concerts at Sunway Lagoon over the period of less than a year and all of them I have had problem with connections.

First concert was back in August 2009 when MTV World Stage made its first debut in Malaysia. Arthur’s Day was next in September 2009. Initially, I thought it was my phone that was giving me problem but soon I realized that such problems only happen when I’m around Sunway Pyramid and Sunway Lagoon.

Just last week, I attended the 2nd MTV World Stage at Surf Beach again and I was quite sure I won’t be getting any signal problem again after my initial complaint. However, I was wrong and disappointed yet again.

What blew my lid off is when I’m having the same problem again last night at the Slash Live in KL concert. At first I was having difficulty connecting to the Internet just right in front of Sunway Lagoon entrance but when I’m on the Surf Beach, there’s totally no signal at all!

I’m still okay if I can’t tweet but not getting any signal at all it totally ridiculous… especially when there’s a Maxis Centre just right inside of Sunway Pyramid!

After the concert, we decided to grab some dinner over at Kim Gary Sunway Pyramid. I’m sure you guess what happened next? Yes, I couldn’t connect to Twitter, the Internet via browser despite having 3G coverage there.

Please Maxis, don’t make me change my mind.  The thought of changing network did linger in my mind but my loyalty is what keeping me off from doing so.

I hope that this problem can be rectified as soon as possible so I can be proud to be a Maxis user wherever I am in Malaysia.

Your Sincerely,

Galvin Tan

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