Viber : Making Free Calls From Your iPhone, iPad & iPod

December 13, 2010 by Galvin Tan in Technology with 1 Comment

iPhone must-have app: Viber works like Skype for your phone, but better.

Viber is the latest hottest app fresh from the App Store oven. Viber just launched on the App Store, and it’s something you’re going to want to download and install. It basically works like Skype, giving you access to free phone calls as long as you’re connected to a 3G or Wi-fi network. Best thing about Viber is, you don’t need to create a different account to make free phone calls using this free app; all you need is a phone number and you’re good.

Upon installation, Viber syncs up with your phonebook giving a purple colour phonebook the next time you run Viber. You can place any call to anyone on your phonebook a local tariff charge will still apply for friend who doesn’t have Viber installed in their phone. However, if any of your friends who have Viber installed, a purple “Viber” icon will appear on their name in your phonebook and you can call them anytime for FREE! These free calls are made via your 3G or Wifi connection over your iPhone, iPad and even iPod.

Want more? Best thing about Viber is that it doesn’t drain up as much battery like Skype would and you can still receive calls even if your App is closed. Viber will ring and push notification will let you know there’s an incoming call.

If you ask me, I’ll vote for Viber as the Best App for 2010! So what you’re waiting for? Install Viber today and start making free phone calls all the time.

Viber will also be made available for Android and Blackberry soon.

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