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Stop suing bloggers and start getting your business right!

January 26, 2011 by Galvin Tan in Daily Rants, Technology with 8 Comments

Jothy’s Fish Head Curry sues Blogger SixthSeal & Google for Defamation

It’s been a shocking morning for me in Doha when I read The Star online today. A blogger and Google are being sued by a Curry Fish Head restaurant owner claiming of defamation to his business and seriously, I find such act utterly distasteful and disgraceful.

A blogger which goes by the pseudonym of SixthSeal or now better known in real as Poh Huai Bin is being sued by Jothy’s Fish Curry restaurant for defamation on their business after Huai Bin posted a food review on his personal blog. Besides Huai Bin, Jothy’s is also launching a legal assault to Google.

Huai Bin posted up a review after visiting the Jothy’s Fish Head Curry restaurant and gave his honest comments on his review. Now what come as distasteful to me is Jothy (if it’s the owner’s name), instead of trying better their food and to fulfill customers’ desire for good food, chose to seek legal action for defamation and bad comments on their food and business. What I find disgraceful is, all this is just an stunt to gain attention and popularity as to what McCurry has gained from their previous legal engagement with McDonald’s.

Correct me if I’m wrong. Banana Leaf and Curry Fish Head food is getting more expensive here in Malaysia. Even mamak stall is no longer an economical place to go for cheap food. Briyani rice with Sambal Udang and Teh-o-Ais Limau (Ice Lemon Tea) can easily cost me RM11-13. Gone were the days when eating at McDonald’s is considered a luxurious meal for a teenager. Mamak food and indian cuisine can easily hit RM100 for a family of five. These businesses are getting unscrupulous too as they tend to charge what they like. Don’t believe me? Go to a mamak stall and order Briyani rice with fried chicken and mutton curry, see how much that meal will cost you. Go again 2 days and have the same food you had, see how much they are charging you this time.

The internet provides a platform for businesses like Jothy’s to advertise, however they fail to see that it’s also a platform for customers (such as Huai Bin) to get their feedback and comments on to them. If they chose to seek legal action against their customers, then it’s sad to say that they are banging on empty pots.

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Are you KIDDING ME? CHEAP FOOD IN MAMAK? It's the place you pay at least rm10 for kicap curry.

Jess Ang
Jess Ang

I totally agree! What gives Jothy the curry house owner the rights to sue that blogger, we bloggers have our freedom of speech and we blog to share our personal opinions and thoughts!


My wife and I have been frequenting the "commented" curry house for at least 10 years but we stopped going since last year. Not because we read the comment in the blog but because we ourselves started to find the quality of their food started to deteriorate and the price started to inflate. For example, when one is eating banana leaf rice, normal the rice is served liberally with condiments/sauces, but the concerned curry house started using bowl as measurement to serve. The fried fish (tenggiri or king fish) used to be quite liberal in size and weight but we found that it was getting thinner and smaller. The comments from blogger sixthseal should serve as a wake up call for the curry house to start reading customer's reaction and understanding customer expectation when going for banana leaf rice and curry.


i agreed the owner shouldn't sueing any of blogger that give bad comments, they should take it as feedback and not a bad comments. I don't think the owner will know how bad is the food that serve, if no one feedback it. When they know that time is too late as no one else will going back to the shop.

I did saw some of the food blogger really did very good job as a feedback system to the owner to fix their issue or customer understanding on the food taste is important. If the blogger that posted all the shop are good than this type of blogger will be no different with daily Newspaper that had been paid for writeup.


you're right about mamak stalls. that's why i stopped going there... they charge as they like. when i asked about the price they would say eat first, we'll calculate later.... and then comes the cutthroat bill.


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