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Are you getting calls from +85215890000?

July 20, 2011 by Galvin Tan in Daily Rants with 12 Comments


During dinner time, I received a phone call from an unidentified number. Well, the number is visible on my call ID but I just have no idea who is it from.

Thinking it could be from an overseas friend, I picked up the call only to hear crackling sound before it got cut off. Minutes later the same number called and when I picked it up it put me to a voicemail.

Thinking that I could be billed for it I quickly cut off the line. I felt uneasy about the call so I google it up.

A list of reversed-phone call websites came up and I found that many others from around the world are getting calls from this number too.

According to a forum, it’s a scam call which originated from Hong Kong. Apparently some lottery agent offering some service by asking for advance payment. So I called the good people from Maxis just to make sure I’m not being billed and thank goodness I wasn’t.

So the next time you see this +852 1589 0000 number calling. IGNORE IT or just hit the cancel button!

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I'm just received calls from this number too.. I didn't pick up because I do have apps to block numbers that not in my list.. and then when I google +852 is from HK, I tot is my HK friends calling me and then I picked up.. and the other side came up with "Assalamualaikum" (greetings for Muslim), then I straight away know this is not right and I cut it off and continue blocking it.. then only I google the whole number then I found here.... seems to be a lot of people out there getting this call...


I just got a call from this number today!

last 2 days ago, i also got similar number, +8529423322

I'm attempt to call back to this number by using VOX (Voip) but can't get it ringing.

This number just for call out only!

For yr info, +852xxxxxxxx is from HK. Someone must be set-up a trap!

I've been block incoming call from HK by using App. Becarefull !

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@cat insurance review did exactly that and they swore at me! LOL

Galvin Tan
Galvin Tan

When I pick up the call, all I heard is a ringing tone. Instead of somebody speaking. When finally someone pick up the call, the lady (with chinese accent) asked who am I looking for?!??!

So somebody called me and asking me who am I looking for?


Hi! I wonder because my friend from other country, Australia (i'm in the other country), called me twice. The 1st number that appears on my call log is his number tho it starts with +852 also. But then when he called again, the number appears to be very generic, it was +85215890000..

I haven't asked him if he has any idea. Later i will ask him.

What do you think guys?


I've had 3 missed calls from this number today. I refuse to answer any number that doesn't look like it's from this country (Australia) because of crazy scammers in the past.


oh my God that guy he said he called all the way from UK, im luck to have caller ID

he said he is Albert Walton, is this a public phone?


i got this phone call too now


i also got this call, but i m away tat time, luckily,.. thanks for your info, guys..

Kaz Hope
Kaz Hope

Yeah, I got this call. Its a phishing scam. The caller said I had an outstanding bill of RM7000 and needed to pay. I hung up before the caller could finish. Don't answer it!


  1. […] Couple of weeks ago, I received numerous phone calls from an unknown number.  I’ve reported this matter to Maxis and they’ve confirmed that nothing was being charged […]

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