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More weird calls from unknown numbers

August 3, 2011 by Galvin Tan in Daily Rants with 0 Comments

Couple of weeks ago, I received numerous phone calls from an unknown number.  I’ve reported this matter to Maxis and they’ve confirmed that nothing was being charged to my bill. It stopped ever since.

On Monday night, I received many unknown calls and they are not from the same number from previous incident. These 12-digit numbers have got a +1160 prefix and every call was a different number.

When I answered the first call, I was expecting to hear a voice on the other end but instead I heard dialing tones. I can tell that it’s those tones when I’m making an international call so after the fifth tone, I cut off the line and went for shower.

When I was in the shower, I had few more missed calls from the same +1160 prefix. When the next call came and I answered it immediately – as expected, it’s a dialing tone again and after a while, voice of an elderly lady spoke on the other end of the line.

At first I couldn’t make out anything she was trying to say but after a while, I realized she was speaking in mandarin and was asking who I’m looking for. Baffled by her question, I told her off and said that she was the one calling me. I knew the conversation was going anywhere so I hung up.

After that, I’ve got a few more calls before I knocked off.

The next day, I sent a tweet to Maxis’s social media customer service and they called me in the evening. They told me the numbers are from Canada and they can’t exactly track who called me. I was also advised to make a report to the police if I find these calls harassing and annoying. Once again, I’m pleased to know that I’m not being billed for any of these rogue calls.

Last night, it happened again and I ignored every call.  I just hope that these calls have got nothing to do with it coincidentally occurring during the Hungry Ghost month.

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