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Klang Hailam Curry Rice

October 13, 2011 by Galvin Tan in Food with 1 Comment

If so happen you’re in Klang town and you love hawker food, then you must try out Klang’s famous Hailam Curry Rice. I grew up in Klang and I’ve been patronizing the stall for the past 22 years. Yes, they are still there and they are still serving the best tasting Hailam Curry Rice.

Klangites are rice people. We love eating rice at anytime of the day – be it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The famous Klang Bah Kut Teh is a common food in Klang and Klangites love to have it in the morning for breakfast.

During the weekend, I decided to meet up my childhood friend for breakfast and we decided to go for Hailam Curry Rice. Klang Hailam Curry Rice stall is located just right behind the old Cathay cinema where all the hawker stalls are. They have plenty of good food there but we are usually there for the Hailam Curry Rice.

So what exactly is Hailam Curry Rice? As the name would suggest, Hailam Curry Rice is actually plain rice covered with curry gravy. The curry gravy is pretty mild and not as spicy. Now what sort of curry gravy is that? Well, to give you a clearer picture, it tastes almost like the Japanese curry but just slightly more starchy.

Klang Hailam Curry Rice is served with a variety of dishes. They have some fish, pork, stuffed ‘tau kee’, ‘loh’ egg and pork tripe and stomach soup. These dishes are a must have. We especially love the ‘loh’ pork and pork minced meat-stuffed ‘tau kees’.

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We have our usual favourite which are the pork with stuffed ‘tau kee’ and ‘loh’ eggs.

A bowl of pork tripe and stomach soup is a much. A meal for two will cost you less than RM19, which is pretty reasonable. However, being a ‘tham Jiak Kwui’ as we usually are, we ordered extra.

An additional of 3 pieces stuffed ‘Tau Kees’ and a ‘loh’ egg only cost us RM4.50. So plus rice and soup, a decent Klang Hailam Curry Rice will only cost you less than RM9. Awesome eh?

This is the hawker stall. Don’t be fool from the looks of it, they serve pretty awesome stuff. Now there is another shop selling Hainan Curry Rice, I’m not sure whether they are the same owner but this much modernised restaurant just can’t beat the original hawker stall. So do give it a try when you are in Klang.

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Klang Hailam Curry Rice
Somewhere behind the old Cathay cinema, Klang town.

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