Siri for iPhone vs Voice Actions for Android

October 14, 2011 by Galvin Tan in Technology with 2 Comments

Okay, let’s talk about Voice-Actions feature on Android’s Voice Search App, SIRI-ously.

The technology world is buzzing with news and reviews of  Siri even though the world is still mourning the lost of a great inventor of the 21st century. Siri, a personal assistant app that was recently featured on the new iPhone 4S launch, have gotten so much attention, that the fact the new iPhone 4S is not any physically different from the previous iPhone 4 is no longer an issue anymore.

Siri is the future of iPhone and most likely the future of iOS. As the buzz grows louder, then came around a video of yet another revolutionary feature on the Android OS. As fans are flocking to YouTube to catch the latest review videos of Siri, video of Android’s Voice Actions is making its way to the social media network. To be honest, as an iOS and Android user, I’ve never paid much attention to this so-called Voice-Action feature on my Android mobile. However, it is after I learned about Siri, only I then I realised the Voice-Action App for Android.

I’ve been having some debates with friends regarding the existence of an app with voice-activated assistance for smartphones. Some claim that Voice Action has been there on Android OS for a very long time way before Siri and Apple is just a copycat. However, I beg to differ. In my humble opinion, Apple is neither a copycat nor a follower.

Siri is an amazing addition to the new iPhone 4S, so much so that one will buy the iPhone 4S just for it. It’s true that such similar feature is available much earlier on the Android OS; however it was merely unheard of.

When Tablet Computer was first introduced about a decade ago, nobody pays any attention to it. It was in 2007, when Apple first introduced the revolutionary Tablet Computer called the iPad that got every carrying one today.

In my humble opinion again; Apple did not re-invent the wheel, Apple just makes it look cool.

GoogleMobile uploaded a video on August 11, 2010 – Introducing Voice Actions for Android. After one year, it only attracted slightly more than 600K views.

As for Apple, a video that was uploaded on Oct 4, 2011 entitled Apple – Introducing Siri on iPhone 4S, just a week after the launch,  managed to draw more than 3 millions views.

It clearly shows which is more popular then.


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