U-Mobile the most affordable postpaid data plan in town

December 7, 2011 by Galvin Tan in Technology with 0 Comments

U-mobile recently launched a new campaign with new postpaid plans for first jobbers and young executives – a marketing initiative which will definitely excite many young adults that have just join the working class. U-mobile also had a ‘facelift’ of their branding and it has proven to be very effective.

I decided to get myself a new Android Smartphone and a new postpaid line from U-mobile. Surely with a Smartphone, I will need a data plan so I decided to go with the lowest data plan package that they have to offer just to try it out.

The U28 plan is U-mobile’s lowest pricing data plan available and you can’t get any better than this. The plan offers 1GB of data plan with 300 free SMS for only RM28 per month. Phone charge to other network is only 20 sen per minute and you only pay per use. However, I’m not concern about the phone charges as I don’t intend to make many calls with this phone. What I really need is a device with mobile internet and U28 fits my budget perfectly.

My job requires me to travel around town quite extensively and I depend on Google map to get to my destinations. With my new Android Smartphone, I was able to get around unfamiliar grounds without any fuss. Much alike when I need critical information from the Internet, I can always depend on my Android Smartphone wherever I am.

I am also being entrusted with the task of moderating a number of Social Media sites.  During the recent AFC Annual Awards 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, I managed to provide LIVE TWEETS with the help of my Android Smartphone. Tweets were updated almost instantaneously thanks to the speedy connection of U-mobile 3G network. Speediness is essential when it comes to Social Media. Followers want to know the result immediately and it’s was good to have a reliable and fast 3G network.

Talking about speed, I did a SpeedTest on my Android device with U-mobile line recently and the results are amazing.

I did a comparison with 3 other Smartphones with 3 different networks. A HTC Sensation on Maxis line. A HTC Desire S with U-Mobile and lastly, a HTC Wildfire on DIGI line. This test was done in an enclosed room so the network connection wasn’t that great. However, I can still see a great difference from the 3 Smartphones and their network speed.

U28 comes with a 1GB data plan but I get an average of 1Mbps download speed. However, the upload speed is not that impressive with an average of 100kbps.

A quick comparison with other 3G network providers, I found that U-Mobile is really a value-for-money service as you get almost the same speed and services as other network but only cheaper. Now this is a plus point especially when you need a data plan that fits your budget.

Now U-Mobile’s coverage is excellent within Klang Valley, I get almost a constant speed wherever I go within the Klang Valley. However, when I took a trip to Genting Highland, I found out that I can hardly get a decent 3G coverage at all. It’s definitely a downside but I was told that U-Mobile is expanding their 3G coverage quite rapidly.

What I really appreciate most about the U28 plan is when I hit my quota of 1GB; I can still access the Internet. Yes, U-Mobile will never block your Internet access and will definitely not charge for any excess data usage. And all that for RM28 per month is just simply unbelievable.

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