Legendary Guns N’ Roses to Perform in Malaysia

January 29, 2013 by Galvin Tan in Entertainment, Events with 0 Comments

Guns N' Roses

If you’re a rock fan like me, you’d probably be really excited by now to read the title of this post. Well, stay excited as there’s a high possibility that Guns N’Roses will be rocking Malaysia this March.

In an article by Business Circle, it is clearly written that the legendary rock band will be performing at the post race concert in conjunction with the 15th Anniversary of F1 in Malaysia.

The 15th anniversary of F1 in Malaysia will continue to be exciting with post race concerts. For the first time, we will see legendary Guns N Roses performing at the concert. This is the band’s first performance in Malaysia and their first post race concert for F1. We will provide more value to ticket holders to enjoy the many benefits and privileges such as discounts and vouchers for fine dining, retails, parties, public transport and tourism attractions.

The Star daily feature’s twitter account, @MyStarTwo tweeted about the concert as well but so far there’s no further info on ticketing of this post race concert at all.

Now there is a possibility that GE13 could be on the same month but as for now, I’m gonna stay positive on this. So stick around, I will find out more soon.*

ROCK ON _\00/

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