Five Bizarre and Most Unusual Restaurants in the World

July 27, 2013 by Galvin Tan in Travel with 0 Comments

Ninja New York, New York

Ninja New York

Definitely the most unusual and bizarre dining experience. Ninja New York is a re-creation of a hidden 18th century Japanese Ninja village. One-of-a-kind, very entertaining dining experience combined with spectacular high-end contemporary Japanese cuisine. Dishes are created by very experienced Japanese chefs and served by our Ninja staff breaking new ground in service and Japanese cuisine. [Link]


Alcatraz ER, Tokyo


One of the first theme restaurants to open in Tokyo, Alcatraz ER is located in Shibuya and it is styled after a medical prison and you being the patient.

Upon visiting the prison, they will handcuff you, inject you with a giant needle into your rear, and then lock you in a cell.

They feed you will human intestines (OK, it’s an unfeasibly long sausage in a kidney dish), penis sausage on a bed of lettuce (another sausage, suggestively carved) and various impossibly spicy delectable – definitely not for the faint-hearted. [Link]


Tombs Restaurant in Ahmedabad, India

Lucky Restaurant

Serving Indian cuisine to over 300 customers daily, New Lucky Restaurant in Ahmedabad has 22 tombs nestled between wooden tables and chairs in this restaurant built over a centuries-old Muslim cemetery.

The restaurant offers about 90 vegetarian food items and is most popular for its tea and white butter-buns. Most patrons here would agree that the milky tea and buttery-buns served here are ‘to die for’. [Link]


Chillout – Ice Lounge, Dubai


The Chillout Café is decked from floor to ceiling with ice accoutrements—all steadily, and expensively, refrigerated twenty four hours a day. This restaurant presents an unexpected blood-chilling spot in the middle of the boiling weather of Dubai.

Chillout can accommodate up to 40 guests and serves cold cuts, barbecued items, soups, sandwiches, juices, ice creams and mocktails. [Link]


El Diablo, Spain

El Diablo

Where else is the hottest spot to have a BBQ feast if not in a volcano at the Timanfaya National Park on the island of Lanzarote off the coast of Spain.

The restaurant operation is smart and fairly rapid when it is usually very busy. Food is well cooked and served at large portions. Most of the menu focuses on the poultry and meat which can be easily grilled over nine layers of volcanic basalt rock which makes the grill. [Link]

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