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Poor Service in Subang Jaya Noodle House Leaves a Bad Aftertaste

July 29, 2013 by Galvin Tan in Daily Rants, Food with 0 Comments

After a long day in Ipoh and a tiring drive back, we look forward to a nice dinner nearby our house. It’s a Sunday so as usual, most of the restaurants in Subang are lining up with customers. We decided to have dinner at a particular noodle house, which I choose not to name them, for our dinner and it was definitely a bad choice.

After getting a parking spot, we head over to the noodle house which was rather busy too. It’s the only shop around that area which was not as packed but I can see many families with kid dining there so I was hoping that they will have a baby chair for Jade Lynn too. We got a table and a foreign worker (most likely Nepalese) came over with the menus. Immediately, I asked for a baby chair. Although I see many baby chairs but and they are all taken. He went off and not knowing whether he heard my request, I asked another foreign worker to find me a baby chair – that’s when I realized that all the workers in the restaurant are foreigners and it’s a Chinese Noodle House! Wifey is carrying Jade Lynn because we still haven’t got a chair for her and the first guy came back with an empty look. Thinking that these guys couldn’t understand me, I asked the supervisor (she’s Nepalese or Burmese too although she speaks rather poor Cantonese with a bad accent) for a baby chair but I was being ignored once again.

The first Nepalese guy took our order and was struggling to understand our orders so we had to order by pointing to the number on the menu rather than telling him what we want.

After a good five minutes, still without a baby seat for Jade Lynn and wifey was getting pretty annoyed, I stood up and went around hoping to find one. Just as I expected, I found an empty one in a hidden corner, a place where they would probably keep the baby seats, and nobody bothers to get it for me. I was terribly annoyed at that point and went over to grab it myself. Only then, we finally get to seat Jade Lynn down properly for her meal. That’s after a good ten minutes after arriving.

A while more, our food came but once again, they pissed me off. They missed out my order and it’s the exact food my sister-in-law was having and we asked for two sets of it, and yet they screwed up. It took them another five minutes for my meal to be served but the food was just bad… flat cold – as if the Char Siu was left there hanging the whole day and was all fats.  The bean sprouts tasted like pepper with fried shallots, pretty much tasteless. And they served normal white rice instead of fragrant oil rice which usually comes with a meal. It was absolutely a horrible experience.

Not wanting to ruin my family’s dinner, I decided to keep my cool and not make a big fuss out of it. However, I still have pretty much heat in my system so I left a bunch of nasty comments on their Foursquare location instead. Hopefully one day the restaurant owner, and hopefully a Malaysian, would read it one day. I’m not discriminating these foreign workers; I strongly feel that if they do not understand the customers, they shouldn’t be there.

Bad service and poor food quality is absolutely unacceptable so that was our last time patronizing that place.

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