Flexbook Brings Origami Form and Function to Real Life Tech


Portability seems to be the buzzword for all the latest gadgets nowadays. Whether it’s the latest gaming device or just another smartphone, we want to have freedom and great computing power in our hands. Fujitsu Flexbook could just be the answer to it.


‘Flexbook’, is a concept designed by Taiwan-based designer Hao-Chun Huang and was shortlisted from over 1000 designs in Fujitsu’s 2011 Design Award contest. The notebook can be folded into a range of configurations, while a 180-degree swivel touch screen offers different configurations of viewing, including a laptop and tablet mode – hence offers a portable, multi-use computing within a single device.

The design is supposed to be waterproof, but only time will tell if this is possible in this form factor.


[Source: DesignBoom]
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