Life of An iPhone Thief


It has come to my attention that many thieves preyed on drunken party-goers that leave their belonging unattended in clubs. But there many other cases where smartphones got stolen and soon was recovered thanks to technology. I personally have a colleague who accidentally left his smartphone at a fast food joint and eventually retrieved it back thanks to the auto-sync feature on Google+. The thief played with took some pictures which soon were uploaded to the owner’s Google+ account. The owner then managed to identify the worker that took his smartphone at the fast food restaurant and retrieved it back with the help from the authority.


It’s bad enough being a thief, it’s even worse when you’re a dumb thief. Now here’s an interesting way to payback the douchebag that stole an iPhone from a lady. The thief, it seemed, had not turned off the feature that uploaded photos to Dropbox whenever the phone was connected to Wi-Fi. Not only that, he sent her a message on Facebook.  So here’s a Tumblr called “Life of a Stranger Who Stole My iPhone” documenting the douchebag’s life as a thief. The Tumblr has now reached 14,000 readers.

WhatsApp Stepping Up with Push-to-Talk Voice Messaging Upgrade


WhatsApp is perhaps one of the most important Apps in every Android and iPhone I’ve ever had and I’m pretty sure it is to everyone else. It is the first App to be installed in my Android and iPhone every time I factory reset my devices and most likely to the 250 million active WhatsApp users too.

With so many players now coming into the picture with better messaging apps, WhatsApp too is stepping up the game by introducing Push-to-Talk messaging in its new upgrade.  Attaching voice messaging on WhatsApp was rather a pain in the past, having to tap tap tap through a variety of settings or menus or whatever you have to go through before you can send your voice message.  WhatsApp new upgrade voice messaging works by pressing and holding the record button while recording the message.

However, there is no indication how long a voice message we can send but I’m sure many WhatsApp users will be very happy with this new upgrade. I know I am.

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